News Organizations Ask NY State Supreme Court to Unseal Trump's 1990 Divorce Records

Brendan O'Connor · 08/12/16 10:40AM

On Thursday, the New York Times and USA Today parent company Gannett requested that the New York State Supreme Court unseal records from Donald Trump’s contentious 1990 divorce with Ivana Trump. During one deposition, Ivana reportedly accused Trump of sexual assault. The divorce ended in a settlement agreement, and Ivana has endorsed Donald’s candidacy, denying that he ever assaulted her.

Donald Trump Trying to Suppress Video Depositions in Trump University Lawsuit

Brendan O'Connor · 06/24/16 12:37PM

Not usually one to avoid the cameras, Donald Trump is attempting to suppress two videotaped depositions he gave in December and January pertaining to the two class-action lawsuits Trump University is facing in California. The transcripts of the depositions have already been made public, and Trump’s lawyers argue that releasing the video would not only be redundant but would taint the jury pool upon being covered in the media.

Jeffrey Epstein Will Not Talk About His Manhood

cityfile · 09/17/09 10:59AM

Trust us when we say this is the best video you're going to see all day. Pervy money manager Jeffrey Epstein, who was released from a Florida prison in July after serving a sentence for soliciting underage girls, appeared at a deposition on Sept. 2. (He's being sued by a 15-year-old girl who claims she was "enticed" to visit Epstein at his home when she was told she'd receive $200 for giving him a massage.) The deposition lasted less than two minutes before Epstein walked out. Why? It seems starting things out with the question, "Is it true that you have an egg-shaped penis?" didn't get the proceedings off to a very friendly start. (Go figure.) The hilarious footage that Page2Live managed to get its hands on is above. [PBPost/Page2Live]

Woody Allen v. American Apparel

cityfile · 04/08/09 10:51AM

In a deposition for his $10 million suit against American Apparel, Woody Allen described the clothing company's ads today as "sleazy," "adolescent" and "infantile." Yes, this would be the same Woody Allen who sleazily started an affair with his quasi-stepdaughter, who was an adolescent at the time. But at least he'll have something to talk about at his next session with his psychoanalyst. [NYP]