The Stigma of Synth: My Secret Life with Depeche Mode

Aaron Gilbreath · 10/13/12 12:00PM

Like all good art, the lyrics to Depeche Mode songs such as "Master and Servant" and "Strangelove" leave room for interpretation. In the small minds of young homophobes, most interpretations erred on the side of man-on-man dungeon sex sessions filled with drugs, oils and punishment. In "Strangelove," lead vocalist Dave Gahan sang: "strange highs and strange lows. Strangelove, that's how our love goes. …Pain. Will you return it?" In "Master and Servant" he sang about a new game that's a lot like life, a "play between the sheets. With you on top and me underneath, forget all about equality." The latter song only fed rumors that the band was gay by featuring a cracking whip sound as part of the beat.

Depeche Mode Can't Tell Those Latin American Countries Apart

Richard Rushfield · 10/15/09 10:52AM

After nearly thirty years on the road it's hard enough to know who you are, let alone where you are. And after all, isn't being a big time rock star all about people remembering you, not you remembering them.