The Newsweek Exodus Continues

Hamilton Nolan · 08/27/10 08:08AM

Three more notable Newsweek staffers are leaving: Digital GM Geoff Reiss, editorial director Mark Miller, and our own former boss and Newsweek Digital executive editor Gabriel Snyder. Layoffs loom; the magazine's stars leave; After crucifixion—resurrection? [WSJ]

One More 'Tsk' From Barbara Walters and Elisabeth Hasselbeck Will Head For Fox News

Kyle Buchanan · 09/19/08 04:40PM

Though she's always been out on a limb as The View's resident conservative, Elisabeth Hasselbeck has found herself increasingly without allies over the past few weeks. First, she prompted a "Don't go there!" from an angry Whoopi Goldberg, then she sold out potential first lady Michelle Obama at a luncheon for Cindy McCain. And were the McCains grateful? Not so much! Why, it's enough to make a gal wonder if there's any place left to turn — and according to the National Enquirer, there is one deep, dark place:

With Paula Wagner's Departure, UA Now Consists Of Tom Cruise And The After-Hours Cleaning Woman

Seth Abramovitch · 08/13/08 06:55PM

In November 2006, MGM handed Tom Cruise the keys to a gleaming, custom-refurbished United Artists, and, with a $500 million credit line for fuel, instructed the giddy superstar to take his longtime producing sweetheart Paula Wagner on the ride of a lifetime. Two years later, the duo managed to journey to one place only—Turkeyvania—with a release slate consisting of Lions For Lambs, and the soon-to-bomb Valkyrie. (Even sooner than expected! It's just been announced that its release date has been moved back two months to December 26th, either shortening its suffering, or lengthening ours, depending on how you look at it.) Yesterday came news of EVP of production Jeff Kleeman's departure after just 11 months, leaving no one at the company but Cruise, Wagner, an assistant fully engrossed in the latest OK!, and a cleaning woman chasing after Nazi-eyepatch-dotted tumbleweeds rolling through the hallways. Variety is now reporting that the trigger-shy Wagner "is in talks with MGM to leave her post," a departure Deadline Hollywood Daily explains was something of an inevitability:

'Radar' Dropping Editors

Pareene · 05/27/08 03:36PM

Oh no, is Radar in trouble again? Maybe. Chris Tennant left back in March, and senior editor Tyler Gray left last week for Blender. Now, John Clarke Jr at Portfolio reports that managing ed Leigh Ann Boutwell is "moving to Los Angeles to freelance." Poor Radar. They are apparently relying on more of this "celebrity coverage" stuff just to pay the bills. (Maer says things are just great, though! Ad sales up 6 percent from last year! Radar will live forever! Hooray for Ron Burkle!) [Portfolio]

Artie Lange Quits Stern Show (Again), Cementing His Top Ranking On Celebrity Deathwatch

Mark Graham · 04/10/08 06:00PM

While we haven't been avid listeners of Howard Stern since he made the switch to Sirius a few years back (call us crazy or even cheap, but we're morally opposed to paying for radio), we still follow the show pretty closely. And as anyone who has been paying attention knows, Stern sidekick Artie Lange has been on a self-destructive streak for the better part of the last nine or so months. His weight has been ballooning, his already prolific drug habit has only gotten worse and his on-air behavior has become more erratic than ever before. However, things reached Defcon 6 levels on today's show when Artie flew into a rage, got into a physical confrontation with his personal assistant and abruptly (and from the sounds of it, tearily) resigned from the show. Audio of the incident follows after the jump.

Endeavor Gets Punk'd by Ashton Kutcher

Paula Dixon · 04/08/08 05:15PM

It's a story as old as Hollywood itself: An attractive actor who's done everything he can to get himself into the spotlight just can't get the roles he wants. Is it because his acting isn't quite up to par? Of course not... It's because his agent sucks!

Dunh Dunh

Richard Lawson · 02/21/08 09:59AM

It's the end of an era. Jesse L. Martin, the delightful actor (and original Collins in the musical Rent) is finally leaving Law & Order. During his nine year run he proved himself a genial and capable actor and, even though no one watches that show anymore, he'll be missed. He'll be replaced by longtime "up-and-comer" Anthony Anderson. [Hollywood Reporter]

mark · 10/01/07 03:57PM

VH1 executive Fred Graver, the Best Week Ever-birthing programmer responsible for realizing that the pop culture events of a single week could be obsessed over just as effectively as those occurring over an entire decade, is reportedly leaving the network. [Portfolio]

'Business 2.0' Finally Dead

Choire · 09/04/07 07:42PM

Despite the protests of literally twos of thousands of Facebook members, Time Inc. has kicked Business 2.0 to the curb. According to an unusually emotive blog post in the Times and its dry print follow-up, editor Josh Quittner and nine staffers will be shuffled over to Fortune. (The rest of 'em will be sending you resumes when the kill teams are done a-killing.) We'd be bitchy about this, but it always sucks for actual real people when a company runs a magazine into the red and then won't let a willing buyer turn it into a competitive product. The only silver lining: Mrs. Quittner, AKA Michelle Slatalla, the Times' Andy Rooney-of-the-internet, will have plenty to columnize about now with these hubby troubles!