New York City Passes Bill To Mess With Times Square Costumed Characters

Hannah Gold · 04/07/16 08:30PM

Typically, Elmos don’t come to Times Square to make friends. They do it to make money. A bill passed by the New York City counsel on Thursday could hurt Times Square performers’ chances of doing either. That includes some 300 topless women, the ticket vendors, and the costumed characters.

Historic Hasid-Hipster Powwow Proves the Value of a Common Enemy

Maureen O'Connor · 01/26/10 05:48AM

Williamsburg's hipsters broke bread with local Hasidim Monday at a community meeting where they discussed their disputed bike lane. "The debate didn't really get anyone anywhere," reports a local hipster. Uh oh, is that the sound of youthful idealism crashing?