Spray-On Deodorant: Don't Do It

Hamilton Nolan · 11/12/14 11:32AM

Most reasonable people take the decline of spray-on deodorant as a mark of progress. Not so the Unilever Corporation, which has plans to revive spray-on deodorant as a popular item. If you must use this hissing, scented menace, at least do it with proper courtesy.

Here Is a 27-Year-Old Woman Who Is 'Addicted' To a Stuffed Lamb

Rich Juzwiak · 02/28/13 10:30AM

Meet Audrey, a 27-year-old Los Angeleno profiled on last night's My Strange Addiction. Everywhere that Audrey goes, her stuffed lamb is sure to go. There are shots of her frolicking with the lamb, sharing solemn walks on the beach with the lamb, holding food up to the lamb's face, pretending to feed the lamb. Though she sometimes refers to the lamb as "him" and clearly has made anthropomorphizing her way of life, she doesn't have a name for the lamb — he was only referred to as "the lamb" throughout the episode. That was the best thing about it, besides the shot of her going down a slide with him.