Here's an Intriguing Fan Theory About What Time the Super Bowl Is

Andy Cush · 02/05/16 12:00PM

This February, as every February, the football fandom community is awhirl with speculation about the timing of the Super Bowl. The NFL has dropped a breadcrumb trail of clues in the promotional campaign leading up to Sunday’s big game, and plenty of football fans think they know exactly when kickoff will happen.

The Non Sports Fan's Guide to Tim Tebow

Max Read · 01/11/12 03:10PM

Everybody is talking about Tim Tebow. Except for you. Who is Tim Tebow? you're asking yourself, after spending 10 minutes nodding silently while coworkers discussed his game this weekend against the Patriots. (What sport is this? you are probably also asking. For the record: football.) It's okay, non sports fan: here is your exclusive guide to Tim Tebow.