Lacey Donohue · 09/08/13 11:12PM

According to Dennis Rodman, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has a new baby daughter named Ju-ae. Rodman apparently held her during his recent trip and said Kim, on top of being a "great guy" who loves basketball and cultural exchanges, is also "a good dad."

Dennis Rodman Is Already Bored With North Korea

Camille Dodero · 05/22/13 03:51PM

On Monday night, Dennis Rodman celebrated his 52nd birthday at Cheetahs, a gentleman’s club in Times Square. One press release advertised the event, part of an extended birthday tour, as “a no-holds barred birthday with topless dancers, thongs, and naked sushi.” Another cheekily teased that the NBA Hall of Famer might bring along a certain famously despotic guest, one Kim Jong-un, so that "maybe the Cheetah Strippers and Rodman can secure what our government has failed to do."

Dennis Rodman Is at the Vatican in a Flower-Printed Coat

Max Read · 03/13/13 09:27AM

Where in the world is Dennis Rodman? Dennis Rodman is, at this moment, in Vatican City, where he is apparently campaigning for Ghanaian cardinal Peter Turkson and seeking to arrange a meeting with whomever is elected. On the one hand we don't want to encourage this; on the other, well, anything to keep Rodman out of North Korea.

North Korea Threatens to Nuke U.S. in 'Pre-emptive Strike'

Max Read · 03/07/13 09:39AM

North Korea, a famine-ridden kingdom ruled by a chubby 20-something cult leader's grandson, is going to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike against the United States, its state media announced on Thursday. (It's mad because the UN is prepared to vote for harsher sanctions, aimed at stopping cash transfers into the already impoverished country.) North Korea does not, actually, have the ability to put a nuclear device on a ballistic missile, and if it did it wouldn't use one—it can't afford to alienate its main trading parter, China—but it wouldn't be a Thursday if there wasn't a poetically-worded threat out of Pyongyang:

Here's the Bizarre North Korean News Report About Dennis Rodman's Visit

Taylor Berman · 03/04/13 07:52PM

There are a lot of surreal moments in this North Korean news report about Dennis Rodman's recent visit to the famine-ridden country. The first two and a half minutes or so is one long standing, cheering ovation for Kim Jong Un and his new best friend Dennis Rodman. Literally thousands of people, cheering non-stop. Then, of course, the report pans to three Harlem Globetrotters, who perform some basketball tricks for the still cheering crowd. That's followed by seven minutes of highlights from a not-very-impressive basketball game. The game ends with Kim Jong Un receiving his very own Globetrotters jersey, and then it's off to some sort State dinner for Un and Rodman and the hilariously still-in-uniform Globetrotters. There were also some very enthusiastic hugs between the new BFFs.

10 Absolutely Unbelievable Images from Dennis Rodman's Vice-Sponsored Trip to North Korea

Cord Jefferson · 02/28/13 04:43PM

You may have heard by now that Dennis Rodman, professional basketball's version of a beleaguered shock jock, is on a diplomatic mission to nightmarish dictatorship North Korea, accompanied by a team from Vice and the Harlem Globetrotters. It's a motley crew to be sure, but based on the fact that Rodman and Vice are now calling themselves "friends" to the famine- and gulag-ridden Asian nation, things seem to be going quite well. One Vice staffer, Jason Mojica, even tweeted about being allowed into North Korean supreme leader King Jong-un's own home to be feted with food and booze:

Does This Photo of Kim Jong Un's Brother Wearing a Dennis Rodman Jersey In The 90s Herald a New Era of World Peace? (UPDATE)

Adrian Chen · 02/27/13 12:55PM

The world scratched its head yesterday when it learned that former Chicago Bulls star Dennis Rodman is in North Korea, spreading a message of world peace via extreme facial piercings and basketball just days after North Korea's latest nuclear test. (And also filming an HBO documentary with the Harlem Globetrotters and VICE.) But the choice of Rodman actually seems inspired if you consider this photo of a young Kim Jong Un Kim Jong-Chul, Kim Jong Un's younger brother, glowering at the camera in Rodman's number 91 Bulls jersey from his days at a Swiss boarding school. The Kim clan are noted basketball fanatics, and all apparently a fondness for the Rodman-era Bulls, reportedly.

The Shortest Celebrity Marriages

Brian Moylan · 10/31/11 05:01PM

Kim Kardashian is getting divorced after only 72 days. That's only two and a half months. Apparently celebrities are especially susceptible to being married for very short periods of time. Here are some that were so short they make Kim's look long, and some that lasted a bit longer and make Kim's look short, sort of like when she'd stand next to her future ex, Kris Humphries.