Jimmy Kimmel Says He Had Nothing to Do With Dennis Quaid's Crazy Rant

Jay Hathaway · 04/15/15 10:55AM

When a video of Dennis Quaid exploding in anger at "dopey the dick" and a bunch of "pussies" on a TV set surfaced yesterday, many immediately suspected Jimmy Kimmel was involved. The theory makes sense—Quaid's rant arrived shortly after his brother's bizarre sex tapes , making him the perfect candidate to stage something like this, and it sounds a lot like the infamous temper tantrum Christian Bale threw at a director of photography years ago.

Footloose: This Is What Happens When MTV Remakes a Classic

Matt Cherette · 06/21/11 10:26PM

Here's a trailer for Footloose—yes, that Footloose—which will ruin your childhood when it hits theaters in October. The remake, produced by MTV, stars newcomer Kenny Wormald as Ren, Dancing with the Stars' Julianne Hough as Ariel, and Dennis Quaid as Ariel's dance-banning preacher father. There's dancing! And driving! And fighting!

Dennis Quaid and Ellen Prank a Delivery Guy

Arianna Reiche · 01/21/10 11:30AM

For the second time in the show's history, Dennis Quaid got mic'd-up on Ellen to go undercover. He was Ellen's slave; shouting, spinning and following Ellen's every command. This time, some poor delivery guy was victim to the Quaid/Degeneres creepiness.

Fox Fighting to Filch Conan O'Brien?

Adrian Chen · 01/12/10 01:50AM

You've laughed at Conan's withering monologue takedowns of NBC and Jay Leno. But Fox is really serious about wanting Conan on their network. It's too bad an almost hilarious contract oversight might rob Conan of his $45 million breach-of-contract award.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 04/09/09 06:46AM

Marc Jacobs has several reasons to celebrate today. In addition to his recent engagement, he'll also be blowing out 46 candles on his birthday cake today. Others marking the big day: NBC chief Jeff Zucker is 44. Hugh Hefner turns 83. Cynthia Nixon is 43. Leighton Meester is turning 23. Albert Hammond Jr. is turning 29. Joe Scarborough is 46. Porn queen Jenna Jameson is 35. Dennis Quaid turns 55. Fashion designer Martin Margiela is 52. Restaurateur Taavo Somer turns 36. Twilight actress Kristen Stewart is 19. Jesse McCartney turns 22. America's Next Top Model winner Yoanna House is 29. And former model-turned-ANTM judge Paulina Porizkova is 44.

Matt Bounces Back, Retirement Rumors for Babs

cityfile · 03/25/09 05:37AM

Matt Lauer's "deer incident" won't keep him down for long. He's reportedly in "good spirits" after undergoing surgery yesterday to repair a separated shoulder and will be back to work in a few days. [Star]
• How did Bruce Willis meet his new wife, Emma Heming? He picked her out during a casting call, just like any normal person. [P6]
• Lindsay Lohan is sick of "people telling lies" about her since she's "really a good person" who just wants to put in a honest day's work. Got that? Good. [People, Us]
Barbara Walters is planning to quit ABC in the near future so she can "spend more time with her boyfriend, Dr. Robert Butler." Or at least that's what "industry insiders" are telling the Enquirer. [NE]
• The cutbacks at Condé Nast continue: Editors like David Remnick and Ruth Reichl have been forced to take the subway! [NYP]

In Real Life, Tom Cruise Foils the Saboteurs

Ryan Tate · 12/16/08 07:23AM

It's reconciliation day: Letterman invited Leno, Madonna offered to visit Guy Ritchie and even Marc Jacobs dropped the drama. Tom Cruise is still kind of a bastard, though.

Madonna Pays Up, Divulges All

cityfile · 12/16/08 06:55AM

• Remember all that talk about how a noble Guy Ritchie was walking away from his marriage to Madonna without asking for a penny? Madonna would like everyone to stop feeling sorry for him and note that he's actually getting somewhere between $75 and $92 million (depending on the value of several real estate properties), making it "one of the largest payouts ever," according to Madge's publicist, Liz Rosenberg. [NYP, Mirror]
• Imprisoned con man (and Anne Hathaway ex) Raffaello Follieri has agreed to pay back $3.6 million to the people he scammed, although it's doubtful it will ever happen since Follieri's lawyers say he's "virtually broke." [NYP, AP]
• Newlyweds Tommy Hilfiger and Dee Ocleppo are honeymooning at Tommy's home in Mustique and are planning a big reception in New York sometime after New Year's, just so you know. [Cindy Adams]

Drunken Dialects of the South, With Your Guide Dennis Quaid

STV · 10/10/08 03:40PM

Dennis Quaid completed publicity rounds for The Express last night with a visit to Conan O'Brien, who veered a ways off the script with a shout-out to Quaid's sultry 1987 potboiler The Big Easy. We had forgotten until that moment how mesmerizingly awkward his New Orleans detective's bastardized Cajun accent was, but with the aid of his unfailing actor's recall and an apparent nip or eight of green-room white lightning, the one-time King of Mardi Gras stunned the audience silent with a garbled scat that makes his Express turn look cardboard in comparison. "That was kind of schizophrenic," concluded the rattled O'Brien. Sure — that's one word for it. [Late Night with Conan O'Brien]


cityfile · 10/09/08 09:45AM

Uma Thurman outside her West Village apartment ... Ethan Hawke walking in Chelsea with his wife, baby, and dog ... Sarah Jessica Parker walking son James to school ... Ed Westwick in the makeup chair on the Gossip Girl set ... Peter Dinklage taking his dog for a walk ... Kate Winslet leaving her apartment ... Katie Holmes and Suri walking in the East Village ... Michelle Williams posing with Richie Rich on the red carpet ... Gary Sinise and Scott Wolf on the set of CSI ... Michelle Obama leaving the Time Warner building after an appearance on Larry King Live ... Sarah Chalke and Dennis Quaid outside the Letterman show ... and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen arriving at the airport last night.

ScarJo Gets Hitched

cityfile · 09/29/08 05:53AM

Scarlett Johansson is a married woman: She tied the knot with actor Ryan Reynolds in a small ceremony outside of Vancouver on Saturday. [Us]
♦ Heather Locklear was arrested for driving under the influence of prescription drugs in Montecito, CA, on Saturday. [NYP]
♦ Heath Ledger's daughter Matilda will inherit his entire estate, which is estimated to be worth $20 million. [NYP]

Meg Ryan Gives Dennis Quaid Lip: 'Not Faithful to Me for a Very Long Time'

Kyle Buchanan · 09/23/08 01:00PM

Since her new, critically reviled remake of The Women pivots on the plot device of an unfaithful husband, Meg Ryan has decided to mouth off on similar rumors that plagued the dissolution of her marriage to actor Dennis Quaid. Ryan's affair with Proof of Life costar Russell Crowe had been blamed for the divorce — an allegation the actress once took right on the kisser. Now, speaking to InStyle, Ryan points the finger at Quaid's infidelity, an accusation that will surely plump the issue up to new levels:

Seth Abramovitch · 07/18/08 03:41PM

Harrison Ford better keep one eye over his shoulder if he doesn't want to see his title of Hollywood's Most Constipated-Looking Leading Man slip through his fingers. Using a series of stills from Vantage Point, the Not-So-Exciting Life of Brian Palmer blog makes the compelling case that Dennis Quaid is really doing the most exciting work today in the realm of making-number-two-faces. []