Check Out the Repulsive Side of Silicon Valley

Ryan Tate · 08/22/11 04:35PM

Silicon Valley's loathsome side is ready for its closeup again, judging from the recent press. You know, the side that says it deserves a tech bubble even as it insists none is forming; the side that's greedy but pretends money doesn't matter; and the side that dresses up clubby insularity as a virtue.

Foursquare Founder's Entire Life is Unbelievable

Ryan Tate · 08/09/11 11:57AM

An attentive reader will depart from Ad Age's profile of Foursquare creator Dennis Crowley wondering, "How is this guy possible?" It all just seems so implausible: a startup founder who defaces New York taxis, a guy whose backers prize his hedonism like it was a rare, precious commodity. What a gig.

Foursquare's Value Grew Six-Fold in One Year

Ryan Tate · 06/27/11 01:37PM

Foursquare, the pointless check-in service with barely any revenue, is now worth more than six times what it was a year ago. Or so say the venture capitalists who just gave the hugely unprofitable company an infusion of cash.

Foursquare's Founders Are Too Cool

Ryan Tate · 09/02/10 01:16PM

[Foursquare founders Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai pretend to be chill in balmy SoHo this morning during a winter-themed photo shoot for their mobile "check-in" service. Icy stares ensued. Photo via our own Tom Plunkett.]

Foursquare Founder's Pivotal Moment

Ryan Tate · 04/19/10 04:18PM

It looks more and more like Yahoo is offering big money for Foursquare—and like Foursquare creator Dennis Crowley is taking his time deciding whether to accept. It can't help that's he's lost one potential advisor, his longtime girlfriend.

New York Times Discovers Secret Blogger Hangout

Maureen O'Connor · 04/03/10 03:34PM

All they need now is a pipe bomb, and they will never be scooped again. Tom & Jerry's is a dive bar near our office. It's also "Elaine's for the glittering digital set," "where everyone knows your Twitter handle."

Code Theft Allegations Can't Stop iPhone Bubble

Ryan Tate · 09/08/09 12:12PM

Foursquare has raised its first venture capital investment, and it couldn't have been easy: There are persistent rumors the social networking company stole its code from Google. Plus, it wanted to invest the money in a domain name. Ooof.

South By Southwest Is a Pointless Party

Owen Thomas · 03/16/09 03:45PM

Why does the tech world get a throwdown in Austin when the banks have had to cancel their bashes? The news out of South By Southwest shows that Web hipsters are every bit as bankrupt.