Finnish President's Husband Caught Staring at Princess' Boobs

Maureen O'Connor · 02/20/12 03:53PM

Scandinavian* Scandal: Pentti Arajarvi, the husband of Finland's president, has been caught ogling the Danish princess' tits at a royal dinner in Copenhagen. The Sun provides video of the naughty Nordic spouse staring at Princess Mary's northern exposure, then averting his eyes and pretending to stare at the ceiling when Mary turns to face him.

Denmark's Fatty Foods Tax is in Effect

Seth Abramovitch · 10/04/11 01:48AM

As of Saturday, the Danish government is charging a surtax of 16 kroners per kilogram ($6.27 per pound) of saturated fat in high-cholesterol grocery items. That's almost a whole kroner per danish! The goal's to curb heart disease, not obesity.

Secret College Monk Orgy Draws Mild Rebuke

Hamilton Nolan · 12/14/10 10:46AM

A professor at Aalborg University has been reprimanded after being taped participating in an orgy in which "four men wearing monk robes" had sex with a woman in one of the university's machine rooms. The orgy itself wasn't the problem.

Get Ready to Relive the Muhammad Cartoon Controversy

Hamilton Nolan · 09/29/10 01:35PM

In your explosive Wednesday media column: a new book will re-ignite the Danish Muhammad cartoon controversy, Tom Florio goes to IMG, the WSJ celebrates itself, Lucky is coming for your kids, and everyone hates the media, still.

Free Affair and Bastard Child with Your Denmark Trip

Ryan Tate · 09/14/09 04:34PM

Denmark's tourist board has taken an interesting approach: A viral internet campaign implies the country is full of hot, single blond women eager to get knocked up by anonymous foreigners. There's been something of a backlash, back home.

Mahatma, Nelson, And Dalai Have Decided To Chill

Hamilton Nolan · 10/02/08 01:58PM

Gandhi is my homeboy. And yours! Let's figure out this ad campaign together. The slogan: "Life is easier if you don't speak up. Debate." Naturally you can see how the whole theme develops from that point. You can't see (I'm willing to bet) what the hell this campaign might be promoting, but hey, that's something you can "debate." After the jump, see Gandhi cookin' out, Mandela chillaxin', and the Dalai Lama ready to hit some serious slopes, screw the politics yo!