Danish Engineering Students Hard at Work Researching Facesitting Porn

Jay Hathaway · 07/02/15 11:40AM

Here’s an abstract from a student conference at the Technical University of Denmark, located just north of Copenhagen. As you can see, DTU students are full of ideas for sustainable ways to improve the campus, including fiber optic oh hey look that’s a link to a “facesitting” porn video.

Hamilton Nolan · 07/17/14 02:11PM

Researchers say that "the closer a nation is to the genetic makeup of Denmark, the happier that country is." Unless the Olympics are happening.

Cool Danish Cops Redefine "Fun Police"

Gabrielle Bluestone · 05/28/14 09:15PM

Stories that start out, "Police officers were recently caught on camera," usually don't have a happy ending. But not in Denmark!

Sarah Hedgecock · 05/09/14 11:00AM

Drag queen Conchita Wurst, representing Austria, celebrates after the second semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, Denmark, on Thursday. Image via Frank Augstein/AP.

Scandinavians: Debt Whores

Hamilton Nolan · 01/14/14 12:04PM

Those precious Scandinavians, with their reputations for probity and craftsmanship and good working order. Do not be fooled. Behind the veil of Scandinavian tidiness lies a region rife with DEBT ADDICTS.

Denmark Ruled by Demon Family

Caity Weaver · 11/20/13 04:23PM

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark—most probably the greenish corpses hanging from all the lampposts, leaking purge fluids onto the smart little cobblestones as chaos and terror rule the nation following the revelation that the Danish royal family is composed of demons.