Accused Condé Elevator Tweeter: 'I Am Not @CondeElevator'

Maureen O'Connor · 08/12/11 11:30AM

Lucky editor and accused Twitter parody mastermind John Jannuzzi has issued an official statement on the matter of an anonymous Twitter account dedicated to eavesdropping on people at Condé Nast: "I am not @CondeElevator." Then why did you accompany your statement with a picture of Richard Nixon, a known liar who once had a fake Twitter called @MarkFeltIsAShitNozzle, hmmm? [Lucky, Images via @JohnJannuzzi and Lucky]

Accused Condé Elevator Tweeter: 'This Is Fucking Ridiculous'

Maureen O'Connor · 08/11/11 02:46PM

Lucky editor and popular Tumblr-er John Jannuzzi is having a bad day. In the last 24 hours, The Daily Beast and separately reported that he is the mystery eavesdropper behind @CondeElevator. Jannuzzi declined to comment on the record when we asked him about the rumors yesterday and today, but 30 minutes ago he said this on Twitter: "This is fucking ridiculous." [TDB, SF, image via @JohnJannuzzi]

Lindsey Graham: 'I Ain't Gay'

Jim Newell · 07/01/10 02:35PM

The NYT Magazine is online with a hot new profile of Lindsey Graham, the Senate's most ubiquitous fifty-something lispy bachelor. And he finally addresses those gay rumors that have followed him throughout his career, saying "I ain't gay." Feisty much?

Simon van Kempen Has Had Enough

cityfile · 06/04/09 10:05AM

If you see Simon van Kempen on the street, you probably should not approach him and ask him if he's gay. He's beginning to get annoyed by the question! "If I was gay, I would be gay, but I'm not!" he barked at a reporter from Us when he was cornered at the Gracie Awards last night. "I don't want to have sex with men!" But he's not prepared to apologize for his fondness for Speedos either, so be sure to brace yourself if you happen to bump into him on the beach in the Hamptons this summer. [Us]