Local Police Confirm This House Is Haunted By Demons

Ken Layne · 01/27/14 05:05PM

A police captain in Gary, Indiana, says he believes a family's claims of supernatural terror in a rental house they've since fled. Levitating children, swarms of flies in wintertime, mysterious footprints, invisible friends, another child "walking backward up a wall in the presence of a family case manager and hospital nurse"—this movie-ready tale even features screaming Catholic priests performing exorcisms.

Tiny Singer Ariana Grande Repeatedly Plagued by Demons from Hell

Caity Weaver · 11/06/13 05:52PM

Bouncy-haired singer Ariana Grande—whom you may know from her hit single "The Way," or because the teens in your life are always sending Keeks about her to Facerange on their Blueberries®—seems like her life would be all catchy hooks, and bubblegum sunsets, and buying a new pair of earrings that you love. And it probably is! But, as she recently told Complex magazine, it's also full of demons from hell who constantly terrorize her and wreak havoc on her vulnerable psyche.

Another Day, Another Gay Demon Exorcism on YouTube

Rich Juzwiak · 11/14/12 05:55PM

This gay demon exorcism is nowhere nearly as exciting or hilarious as this one, but the interview that follows with the ex-gay exorcist, Prophet Tejanni Campbell, and Bishop Ernest Johnson is riveting, particularly for the following two exchanges:

Here's a Man Undergoing a Gay Demon Exorcism

Rich Juzwiak · 10/24/12 04:25PM

On one hand, getting the "filthy, stinking sex demon" out looks a lot like getting the penis in, at least facially. Not so convincing. On the other hand, Rev. Bob Larson was wise to keep the crucifix far away from potentially masturbating hands and genitals. You know how gays are.

Dwarf-Rape Porn Film Makes Compelling Anti-Clinton Argument

Pareene · 05/05/08 11:19AM

So. This is the trailer for a "documentary" called Demons for Hillary. If this trailer is any indication, the film presents a series of man-on-the-street interviews with people who are scared of Hillary Clinton interspersed with pixelated hard-core pornography, including a delightful set piece in which little people in dime-store devil costumes take advantage of nubile young women. Which is why Hillary is not fit to be President. You can download the whole film right now for ten bucks! Could someone else do this and report back to us? We are too scared to. The film came with a baffling press release. "AVAILABILITY: Filmmaker Todd Fligner is available 24/7 -Los Angeles, Ca, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone. Great last minute interview." We're sure! Full press release after the jump. It involves the phrase "threesome tirades."

When Richie Sambora Gets A DUI, The Jersey Girl Inside Us Dies A Little

Seth Abramovitch · 03/26/08 12:32PM

Denise Richards fling-survivor and two-time rehab graduate Richie Sambora experienced one of those nasty wake-up calls last night, stopped by Laguna cops shortly before 11:00 PM after swerving in a Black Hummer. "He failed numerous field sobriety tests and was detained for DUI. At the station Sambora opted to take a blood test rather than blow into a breathalyzer. Laguna Beach PD Sgt. Jason Kravetz [says], 'At this point there's no indication of drugs.'" Funny—we don't remember asking about drugs. We leave you now to spend some quiet time with Sambora's bemulleted mugshot, looking deep into those bloodshot eyes as you sing out to no one in particular, "Sometimes you tell the day/By the bottle that you drink/And times when you're all alone all you do is think."