The Republican Party Is a Trick 

Hamilton Nolan · 12/30/15 03:27PM

Though we wish it were not so, America has a two-party political system. Both parties share many of the same bad qualities. But one is unique, in that it is a machine made of fraud.

There Are Only Two Issues 

Hamilton Nolan · 11/30/15 01:35PM

During this election season, you will hear candidates argue about lots of things. Only two things are really important.

A Wild Idea: Support the Candidate You Agree With 

Hamilton Nolan · 11/06/15 03:20PM

So far, America’s most powerful labor unions are more likely to endorse Hillary Clinton than Bernie Sanders, even though Sanders’ beliefs are more pro-labor than Clinton’s. This is dumb. And fearful.

Hamilton Nolan · 11/02/15 02:30PM

Campaign finance reformer Larry Lessig, the only presidential candidate thus far to sit for an interview with Gawker, is dropping his bid for the Democratic nomination. Other presidential candidates are urged to ignore this precedent and contact us to schedule an interview.

Hamilton Nolan · 10/28/15 02:25PM

The Washington Post’s “Fact Checker” column today politely scoffs at Hillary Clinton’s assertion that her husband only signed the anti-gay marriage Defense of Marriage Act as a “defensive action” against a possible Constitutional Amendment that would have been even worse. Sure.

Democrats Are Trolling Republicans with Sick Political Burns

Melissa Cronin · 10/08/15 08:31PM

After the auspicious stepping-down of former tan mom/emotional dad John Boehner, and the subsequent withdrawal of speaker candidate Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the Republican party is at a loss, grasping for straws — or anyone who will volunteer to lead the party. Meanwhile, the Democrats are having a jolly good laugh at the whole thing, seizing the golden opportunity to seem “personable” — not in calculated way.

Don't Fuck With Elizabeth Warren

Hamilton Nolan · 09/30/15 09:04AM

Elizabeth Warren, who somehow manages the neat trick of being a U.S. Senator and at the same time appearing thoroughly unbeholden to any moneyed interests, has hung a fresh scalp upon her scalp wall.