Will This Guy Be Hillary's VP? 

Hamilton Nolan · 03/18/16 12:44PM

If Hillary Clinton secures the Democratic nomination, who will be her vice president? I have no idea. Some people think: Tom Perez.

The Labor Movement Fucked Up By Supporting Hillary Clinton

Hamilton Nolan · 03/14/16 08:33AM

In a campaign that is increasingly being defined by the public’s weariness with inequality and aspects of free trade, the labor movement has settled on Hillary Clinton as its presumptive presidential preference. The labor movement is fucking up.

Let's Hear the Better Proposals 

Hamilton Nolan · 02/17/16 02:55PM

One of the most persistent and least useful arguments of this presidential campaign season is taking place among Democrats who (mostly) talk past one another about how economic inequality and racial inequality are or are not linked. Does someone have a good proposal? Let’s hear it.

It's a Cold Jebruary in the Freedom State

Hamilton Nolan · 02/09/16 09:33AM

RAYMOND, NEW HAMPSHIRE—“It’s horrible! It’s terrible!” shrieked the two men as they staggered through the crowded Tuckaway Tavern, waving a cross and a mirror. “He’s too close to power! It’s a curse from the devil!”