Just Call Trump a Racist

Ashley Feinberg · 03/09/16 10:04PM

At tonight’s Democratic debate on Univision, moderator Karen Tumulty asked both candidates—point blank—whether or not they believed that noted racist Donald Trump was, in fact, a racist. The candidates’ collective response: Welllll.......

Moderator Accidentally Whispers “Oh God” Into Mic When Bernie Brings Up Vietnam [Updated]

Ashley Feinberg · 02/11/16 11:11PM

[Update: PBS says the moderator was responding to a producer, not making an editorial comment. Their statement is appended below.] Following an otherwise lackluster (if not borderline uncomfortable) attempt at discussing foreign policy, Bernie Sanders moved to something he actually could speak confidently about: Hillary Clinton’s bizarre Kissinger boast. But as Sanders opened with a Vietnam reference, one of the debate’s moderators—apparently unaware her mic was still on—could be heard sighing in the background, “Oh, god.”

Hillary Clinton Leaves Open Possibility That Women Who Don’t Vote for Her Are Going to Hell

Ashley Feinberg · 02/11/16 10:06PM

Right off the bat at tonight’s Democratic debate (surprise! there’s another debate), Hillary Clinton was pressed about some of her more staunch supporters’ recent claims. Specifically, Clinton was asked whether she, too, believes that women who don’t vote for her may be destined for hell. The only thing Hillary needed to say was “no.” Hillary, however, did not say “no.”

Gawker and Jezebel's Democratic Debate Liveblog: Bernie vs Hillary vs That Other Guy

Sam Biddle · 01/17/16 10:57PM

The Communist Party of the U.S.A. is holding a debate tonight, pitting new nemeses Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders against one another as handsome man Martin O’Malley just sort of stands there and watches. We’re “liveblogging” the whole painful thing with our friends at Jezebel right here so you don’t have to watch.

Bernie Sanders: Gun Control Should Not Be a Political Issue

Brendan O'Connor · 01/17/16 09:45PM

At the Democratic debate on Sunday, Bernie Sanders gave a very bad answer to a question about his gun-control record. After reminding everyone that he has a D-minus voting record grade from the NRA, Sanders said, “This should not be a political issue. What we should be doing is working together.”

Hillary Clinton Explains Why Wall Street Loves Her: 9/11

Alex Pareene · 11/14/15 11:18PM

It is a fact that Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, like her previous political campaigns, is funded in large part by donations from the finance industry. Bernie Sanders has criticized her for this—or, at least, he has pointed this out, critically. At tonight’s inconveniently scheduled Democratic debate on CBS, Sanders was asked to reiterate that criticism. Clinton’s response was, well, memorable.

Jim Webb’s Crazy Debate Answer About Killing a Guy Has an Even Crazier Backstory

Jordan Sargent · 10/13/15 10:55PM

During the first Democratic debate of the 2016 presidential cycle, the candidates were asked by moderator Anderson Cooper to reveal which enemy they were most proud of having made. They all gave rather predictable responses—the coal industry, the NRA, Republicans—until the question moved to Jim Webb, who sorta creepily talked about killing a guy, in the process glossing over what was actually a rather remarkable event in war.

Vegas is Hil Country: Welcome to the 2016 Democratic Debate Liveblog

Ashley Feinberg · 10/13/15 07:22PM

Tonight at 8:30 p.m., all of our grandparents are going to fight in the Wynn hotel and casino in Las Vegas for the chance to be our Democratic nominee for President of the United States. And we’ll be liveblogging every crotchety, godforsaken second of it.