Demetri Martin has Your Money Situation All Figured Out

Whitney Jefferson · 02/26/10 01:37PM

Last night's Important Thing was Money. Here, Demetri explains how what term a person calls their money can tell us how much cash they actually have. For example, if you call your money "dough," you're probably broke and a douchebag.

Demetri Martin on the Social Norms of Peeing While Laughing

Whitney Jefferson · 02/12/10 03:39PM

Last night's Important Things had an analysis of peeing and laughing. For example: Peeing alone is okay, but peeing in a group is crazy. Is it appropriate to laugh while one is peeing by themselves? Demetri investigates.

Get Out of Awkward Situations With "The Forehead Texter"

Whitney Jefferson · 02/05/10 11:20AM

Are you ever at a party talking to someone and they get frustrated that you're "too busy texting" to pay attention? In his season premiere, Demetri Martin created a new gadget which fills a need we didn't know we had.

Demetri Martin on Material Enhancers

John Trowbridge · 12/07/09 09:00PM

In Demetri Martin's first Comedy Central special he adds "Material Enhancers" to his weaker jokes to convey a funnier image to the audience. Through these drawing, graphs, diagrams, etc, we see Demetri's opinions about parties, camouflage, and mythical creatures.

The Year of Awkward Young Men

Natasha VC · 07/29/09 03:43PM

Leading men are dead. Who are the symbols of movie male virility in 2009? Gentle, sensitive, geeky male outsiders with a love of Lou Reed and snug hoodies! It's time to sack up and throw away the sweater vest.

Conan's Debut, Salinger's Suit, Paris's New Show

cityfile · 06/02/09 11:13AM

• Conan O'Brien's Tonight Show debuted last night. The reviews were mixed, although he did very well in the ratings, not surprisingly. [Variety, THR]
• Playboy Enterprises named Scott Flanders as its CEO yesterday. [NYP]
• Lawyers for author J.D. Salinger have filed suit against an author who is publishing a book billed as a sequel to The Catcher in the Rye. [NYT]
• Five magazines—Popular Photography, Flying, Boating, Sound & Vision and American Photo—have been sold to Bonnier Corp. by Hachette. [Crain's]
• Paris Hilton and producer Michael Hirschorn have teamed up to bring a version of Paris Hilton's My New BFF to Dubai. Yes, Dubai. No joke. [Variety]

Demetri Martin To Go Gay For Ang

Seth Abramovitch · 05/02/08 01:10PM

Our anticipation is great for Oscar-winning, Gays-friendly director Ang Lee's next movie, Taking Woodstock; based on the memoir by Elliot Tiber, it's the unlikely tale of a closeted guy working at his parents Catskills motel inadvertently responsible for mounting the music festival that defined a generation. (OMGZ! I CAN HAZ GAI HIPPYZ?!!!) How to make an already awesome and weird project even more awesome and weird? Variety now reports that comedian Demetri Martin is who Lee wants for the lead. With shooting set to begin in late August, and a greenlight from DreamWorks for his script Will, look for 2009 to be the year that the comic makes the seemingly inevitable leap from cultish stand-up and Daily Show correspondent to full-fledged movie star. It's also going to be the year that actor-comedians go gay on film, but hopefully Martin's portrayal will be a little more nuanced, and less spray-tanned and Versaced, than Jim Carrey's.

Meghan Asha's party plane

Nicholas Carlson · 02/07/08 05:00PM

Videoblogger Meghan Asha, who pals around with TechCrunch's Michael Arrington from time to time, comes from a wealthy Los Gatos family, we hear. The evidence? She flies around the country in a private plane. Here's what that party venue in the sky looks like. That's Asha between fellow geek-luster Julia Allison and comedian Demetri Martin. A tight squeeze.

Demetri Martin

cityfile · 02/03/08 09:38PM

Mop-topped Martin is a stand-up comedian and regular on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He also had his own show on Comedy Central, Important Things with Demetri Martin, which fizzled after two seasons.

Media Bubble: Name and Shame

abalk2 · 01/30/07 09:50AM
  • What do all these kids have in common? They're being exploited by a Murdoch-owned paper to boost sales in the wake of that whole racist "Big Brother" episode. [Guardian]

Team Party Crash: 'Good' Mag Launch

Chris Mohney · 09/22/06 04:34PM

And here's the full-court-press Good experience at last. The philanthropically minded mag venture celebrated its birth last night at Chelsea's Emergency Arts, and Gawker was there, and there. But wherever there is an open bar and tragically vulnerable boldface names, you can surely find Intern in Perpetuity Neel Shah. After the jump, enjoy one of Neel's trademark productions of fearless investigatory reportage, coupled with the cheerfully impolitic photography of Jennifer Snow. You got more Al Gore, more Matthew Modine, and even a few cupsful of Amanda Congdon, plus a gaggle of other well-meaning New York media mandarins.

'Good' Launch Party: You Love Hip-Hop

Chris Mohney · 09/22/06 02:50PM

In part the second of our efforts to flood the zone known as last night's Good magazine launch party, enjoy this more comprehensive clip documenting a little bit of Al Gore boogie, a smidge of Matthew Modine, a wodge of Demetri Martin, and a good bit of "Hey" almost immediately followed by the requisite "Ho." Early party prospects did not look promising, but the abundance of liquor and absence of food soon put the people into the right frame of mind. Munch on this while staying tuned for our full-bore but scrupulously kind party report, wherein we atone for past sins.

Which of These Businessmen Is Not Like the Others?

Jesse · 02/07/06 10:21AM

Crain's New York Business blast-emailed some exciting news yesterday: The mag's annual "40 Under 40" list is now online! For free! Yippee! The list highlights "young," "dynamic," "passionate," "bold," "driven," "savvy," "daring," "active" New York businesspeople. It also highlights Crain's desperately quixotic hope for some pop-culture relevance. How do we know this? Well, here's a random sample of six headshots from the feature: