Drake's Head Is Appearing on Wheelchair Signs All Over Toronto

Jay Hathaway · 09/11/14 04:50PM

Aubrey Graham is internationally famous for rapping and crying (and the winner of a Grammy for same), but although the world now calls him Drake, his hometown of Toronto will forever know him as "Wheelchair Jimmy" Brooks.

Caity Weaver · 10/18/12 04:29PM

Rapper Drake graduated from high school yesterday. He dropped out in 2001 to portray a fake high schooler on Degrassi.

The Teen Cable Shows You’re Pretending Not to Watch

Dahlia Adler · 03/25/10 10:15AM

Once upon a time, we were all proud of the cheesy dramedies that got us through adolescence. Then we grew up, and we traded in Mr. Belding for Mr. Big, All That for SNL, and Full House for, well, House.