Flying Deer Strikes Woman

Jordan Sargent · 12/07/13 02:09PM

Sometimes you go for a jog and nothing happens except for maybe a cramp, and sometimes you go for a jog and a deer falls from mid-air and crushes you. So it went for an unnamed 27-year-old Virginia woman who was jogging when she was hit by a deer that had been sent airborne by a 71-year-old woman driving on a highway.

Armed Government Agents Raid Animal Shelter, Execute Harmless Baby Deer

Neetzan Zimmerman · 08/02/13 08:47AM

A no-kill shelter in Kenosha, Wisconsin, is still reeling after nine Department of Natural Resources agents and four sheriff's deputies suddenly descended on its barn and euthanized an abandoned baby deer that was one day away from being moved to a wildlife reserve.

It's Time to Declare 2013 the Year of the Deer

Caity Weaver · 07/09/13 03:41PM

If you live on Earth, and can read, and are even the least little bit aware of your surroundings, you have no doubt noticed that, lately, anywhere from .01 to 99% of daily news (and Daily News) stories are about deer.

What Should We Name the World's Littlest Deer?

Maggie Lange · 07/08/13 02:40PM

Hello little creature, and welcome to the world! This tiny softness, a baby doe, was born at the Queens Zoo (on May 3rd, though the Wildlife Conservation Society just released the announcement). See her in her woodland habitat. She sidles up next to a little branch and then peers out behind some shrubs. Nettles look enormous when this itsy quadruped approaches.

The 15 Most Powerful Chuck Grassley Tweets of 2012

Max Read · 12/24/12 11:30AM

Chuck Grassley, the Iowa Republican, is one of the Senate's most tech-savvy members. He's been on Twitter since 2007, connecting with constituents and sharing his thoughts on a variety of important issues. Here are some of his most powerful tweets from the past year.

Taco-Loving Deer's Rampage Through Restaurant Caught on Tape

Max Read · 11/08/11 09:38PM

Man, we've all been there, haven't we? So desperate for tacos that we crash antlers-first through our local Mexican joint's plate glass window, terrifying its poor employees before wandering dazed out back? Just a regular Sunday morning for us! And a sort of unique Monday afternoon for the Alpharetta, Ga. Taco Mac. (The deer lost an antler in the process but escaped otherwise.) [WYFF4 via HuffPo]

Vampire Bat Rabies Is Here

Hamilton Nolan · 08/12/11 04:17PM

Vampire bats! Healthcare law! Medical tattoo! Stroke depression! Backward legs! Spice fat! Organic poultry Deer coli! And rampant death in Somalia is sad, for a second! It's your Friday Health Watch, where we watch your health—while sucking!

Scientists, of All People, Call Something Boring

Hamilton Nolan · 11/30/10 04:43PM

Bee colors! Useless vitamins! Bad medicine! Big mammals! Cell trickery! Eating kids! Deer danger! And something else extremely boring! It's your Tuesday Science Watch, where we watch science—and try not to doze off, because dang!

Deer Commits Possible Hate Crime Against Fat Man

Andrew Tatreau Sherwood · 09/19/10 09:30AM

Who does this guy think this deer is, Bambi? It's a hard-knock life in nature, which can breed a lot of angst in the animal youth. Proof of this inside.

The Deer Statue Prank

David Matthews · 12/16/09 12:00PM

This guy must be sweaty or something because there is no other reason to be startled by a deer. A chance encounter with a deer should be like those scenes in Stand By Me or The Queen.