Food Critics Are Worthless

Drew Magary · 05/24/12 06:20PM

For some reason, I decided to torture myself the other day by reading Pete Wells' four-star review of Le Bernardin in the New York Times. The Times sent Wells there to reaffirm that Le Bernardin is a really good place to eat and — SURPRISE! — it still is. Not that you'll ever be able to afford to eat there. There are only three people who can afford to eat at a place like Le Bernardin: Rich assholes, food critics, and other chefs who run other restaurants that only serve rich assholes, food critics, and other chefs. Here is a glimpse of Wells eating like a goddamn king:

Things to See in Kansas

Hamilton Nolan · 01/27/10 10:37AM

Greensburg, Kansas is building a $3 million museum to accompany its "Big Well," a 32-by-109-foot hole in the ground. But that's not all: "There's a composting toilet on display in an empty field, and a solar-powered shower as well." [WSJ]

Overheard On Third Avenue

Hamilton Nolan · 02/21/08 09:44AM

NYU GUY: "Hey guys, STA Travel. That's the travel agency they use in 'The Real World.'" NYU GIRL: "This is the real world."