You Make Better Decisions When You Need to Pee

Max Read · 03/02/11 03:19AM

A study by Dutch scientists found that people with full bladders showed better judgment when choosing between "small and immediate" rewards and "larger but delayed" awards, possibly because the parts of the brain involved in bladder control are involved in impulse control as well. This is, potentially, useful news; on the other hand, when we really have to pee the only decision we are prepared to make is where. [Telegraph]

Will 'Friday Night Lights' Be Rescued From Television Purgatory?

nickm · 02/21/08 07:33PM

The plight of Friday Night Lights is a familiar one. Everybody likes it, but its ratings have been as handicapped as Jason Street. So, what's a network to do? First NBC tried moving it to Friday, then they tried injecting an off-putting murder subplot, but still no Nielsen love. Then the nice folks at got in on the act with their "Save Friday Night Lights Campaign" involving light bulbs and a petition, but even that was kiboshed by the Vh1 brass. Just when things were looking like the show would go the way of the dodo and Arrested Development, a new hope has arisen.

Maggie · 12/19/07 05:30PM

"A federal jury on Wednesday ruled against a New Jersey man who says his services helped 'Sopranos' creator David Chase develop ideas for the hit HBO mob drama." The losing plaintiff, Robert Baer, promptly boarded a midnight train leaving from Newark Penn Station. When the conductor asked where he was headed, he simply sighed and replied, "Oh, anywhere!" Roll credits. [WNBC]