Shock and Awe

Brian Moylan · 11/09/10 06:55PM

[George W. Bush is shocked that there's stack of books in such close proximity to him while promoting his new book, "Decisions Points," in Dallas today. Image via Getty.]

George W. Bush on Kanye West: "Disgusting"

Matt Cherette · 11/08/10 09:00PM

Tonight, NBC aired Decision Points, its interview of former President George W. Bush by Matt Lauer. When the topic of Hurricane Katrina—specifically, Kanye West's "George Bush doesn't care about black people!" outburst—came up, Bush got angry. Really angry.

Mom's Miscarried Fetus Made George W. Bush Pro-Life

Jim Newell · 11/08/10 01:36PM

What experience made you all pro-life? For beloved former President George W. Bush, it was that time his mama had a miscarriage and showed him the jarred fetus. From then on, Bush knew that he must protect America's fetuses, forever.

Here is the Cover for George W. Bush's 'Memoir'

Max Read · 04/26/10 03:05AM

How dumb and lazy is George W. Bush? So dumb and lazy that he can't even write a real memoir! Instead, he will write "an account of key decisions in his life." We have some guesses about what those are.