A Mystical Spree of Decapitations In Brooklyn

Justin Charity · 03/06/14 10:12PM

Obama's America. A man can't even walk his Boston Terrier through Prospect Park without tripping over a severed goat head. And then a few afternoons later, a young mother strolls with her two-year-old son through a neighboring park, only to shriek and stumble upon two ceremoniously decapitated rooster skulls, sacrificed on a clay plate.

Torso Appears on Recycling Plant Conveyor Belt

Max Read · 07/10/11 04:44PM

A "butchered torso" was found at a recycling plant in Seattle over the weekend, apparently just "rolling by on a conveyer belt." It's unclear where the body had been separated from its other parts, but it was apparently "mixed in with materials from a construction site." We appreciate that everyone, including murderers, is "going green," but be aware that human bodies are not, in fact, recyclable. (They can be composted.) [Seattle Post-Intelligencer via NYDN]

TV Exec Found Guilty of Beheading Wife

Max Read · 02/08/11 01:38AM

Muzzammil Hassan, the Buffalo businessman who founded a television channel to counteract stereotypes about Muslims, was found guilty of murdering and beheading his wife. In his closing statement, Hassan argued that he was the victim of spousal abuse. [Buffalo News]