Obama Gingerly Interacts with the Common Twitter User

Adrian Chen · 07/06/11 03:10PM

Today was Obama's big Twitter debut. He sent his first tweet during a "Twitter Townhall" at the White House, and through the power of social media, he connected with everyday Americans like John Boehner and Times Columnist Nick Kristoff.

You'll Never Guess Who Keith Olbermann's First Guests Are

Jeff Neumann · 06/20/11 12:41AM

For his new Current TV program — premiering tonight! — angry television personality Keith Olbermann will step out of his comfort zone to bring viewers a diverse set of voices. Last night on the Twitter, Olbermann announced the guests for his first show: Michael Moore and Markos Moulitsas, founder of Daily Kos.

How Did Sarah Palin’s Real American Stories Go Last Night?

Jeff Neumann · 04/02/10 06:32AM

Well, she's not going to be the next Oprah. Big surprise here — no one liked it. Not the Daily News, LAT, or anyone else. Some of the words used in reviews: "overly-scripted," "flat" and "boring." The results are in!

How Did the Respectable News Lady Do on That Show You Don't Watch?

John Cook · 12/22/09 11:04AM

Katie Couric's ascension to the anchor chair was attended by a ceaseless and intrusive promotional blitz that ended up serving as a handy contrast to the epic editorial and commercial failure that her newscast became. Having learned that lesson well, ABC News has gone for a stealth transition, which makes sense inasmuch as nobody really cares who is reading from a teleprompter on TV while they're on the way home from work anyway. As the New York Times' Alessandra Stanley puts it, "Network anchors are a bit like European monarchs: they don't really matter much anymore, but people still perk up for a royal wedding or a changing of the stars."

Best of Jimmy Fallon's First Late Night

Ryan Tate · 03/03/09 07:27AM

Sure, Jimmy Fallon was awkward on his Late Night debut, as first-time hosts tend to be. But expectations are so low the comedian just needed to show a little promise. That he did.

Before They Had Stylists: A Look Back At Stars' First Time On A Red Carpet

Seth Abramovitch · 06/20/08 01:00PM

Like the heady mix of pride and elation that fills you as you witness your own flesh-and-blood pulling themselves up by their lonesomes to take their first wobbly steps across the living room floor, witnessing some of your favorite stars' first times on the red carpet—as compiled in this Us Weekly gallery—is an experience worth savoring. Pictured above, writer's room taskmistress Katherine Heigl presents herself to the world at the 2000 premiere for The Beach in an ensemble that makes several endearing first-timer mistakes: 1. At this early point in your career, showing anything more than 3/4 inch of leg runs the risk of making you look trampy. 2. Flashbulbs' x-ray effect often reveal more about your foundation garments than you'd like to the world to know. Always match your bra to your dark-chocolate turtleneck, lest you want the world to mistakenly assume you're a Mormon. 3. The movie's about a tropical Eden in Thailand, not what happens when your trying-to-be-hip mom is convinced by a Barneys saleswoman that "Fall is all about the Annie Oakley look." Dress theme-appropriately.

TMZ TV: Deep Inside The World Of Drunk, Incoherent Hollywood Clubgoers

mark · 09/11/07 11:23AM

In case you somehow missed the eerily prescient (OK, maybe they were just playing the odds) "Britney, We Love You" ads adorning virtually every bus stop and billboard in Los Angeles over the past month or so, TMZ TV,'s reverse-engineered television product, debuted last night, ushering in an exciting new era in celebrity telejournalism in which the word "douche" can be used to describe their misbehaving subjects. (Somewhere, Billy Bush is silently mouthing the delicious insult, working up the nerve to slip it in to his next Access Hollywood voiceover.) While we were underwhelmed by the premiere episode's big "get," some security camera footage of Pulp Fiction gimp-keeper Peter Greene's inept license plate heist, we did quite enjoy the above footage of drunk chicks stumbling around outside of Les Deux, babbling incoherently in the general direction of a TMZ cameraman while occasionally flashing their goodies, as it saves us the ten dollars in parking fees we'd have to spend to experience the most satisfying part of a night out in Hollywood.