Ashley Feinberg · 09/30/15 09:34AM

The House has invoked martial law for the second time this month, allowing them to vote on a stopgap spending bill this morning and keeping our barely functioning government from grinding to a halt for at least another few months. Progress!

Lacey Donohue · 10/16/13 07:37PM

President Obama just gave a speech and made clear that once the debt limit bill clears the House, he will sign it and "we will begin reopening our government immediately." He also emphasized the need to "get out of the habit of governing by crisis.”

Brief Debt-Limit Hike Means the GOP Will Ruin Your Thanksgiving

Cord Jefferson · 10/10/13 03:12PM

House Republicans suggested interest in a short-term debt limit increase today in a move that would temporarily prevent the United States from defaulting. Hooray! Of course this means nothing for the government shutdown, and now you can look forward to more pathetic debt-limit brinkmanship taking place right around the holidays. God kill us, everyone.

Cord Jefferson · 10/09/13 07:15PM

House Republicans are considering a brief increase on America's debt limit—"a few weeks or two months," according to the Associated Press—in order to avoid a national default. In other words, even if this idea moves forward, we'll be dealing with this shit all over again in a few weeks or two months.

Mitch McConnell Brags About 'Ransoming' the President

Jim Newell · 08/03/11 01:29PM

Sen. Mitch McConnell, the evil procedural genius who somehow always manages to be the most powerful person in Washington from his lowly perch as Senate minority leader, doesn't take offense when people call him and his party "hostage-takers." He rather fancies the title! But he does want to clear up the details of how and why he loves taking legislative hostages.

What Is This Delightful Sound John Boehner Makes?

Jim Newell · 08/01/11 01:13PM

Some TV camera people caught Speaker John Boehner fleeing to his escape elevator in Capitol Hill last night, after everyone finally reached a debt ceiling deal that no one understands but should pass Congress today anyway. Think he wasn't tired? This guy, Boehner, not tired? Get out of here. Just listen to this noise he makes. A pure sigh of relief, or the desperate wail of an aging farter? You decide, America. For now it is merely John Boehner's "sound."

This Is How Republicans Twist Arms Before a Vote

Jim Newell · 07/28/11 04:18PM

When Rep. John Boehner assumed the speakership, he said he didn't want to be an arm-twister for votes, and that he wanted the people's voice to be heard clearly. A nice sentiment! But now he that needs votes for his debt ceiling plan today, that's all over. How will he screw over dissidents? Let's look at the case of fellow Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan.

It's John Boehner's Big Day

Jim Newell · 07/28/11 11:42AM

Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) is cautiously optimistic that enough GOP members had fallen in line over the last 48 hours to pass his debt bill. The plan would cut nearly $917 billion in spending over the next ten years, raise the debt-ceiling by $900 billion and avoid sending the nation into default.

Dick Cheney's Right Hand Man is Back

Jim Newell · 07/27/11 03:54PM

Remember, to put it politely, the "extra-legal" wiretapping and torture and secret prisons that Dick Cheney and his buddies put into place over the course of eight years? Well the guy who came up with all that stuff for Cheney, legal adviser and chief of staff David Addington, has apparently not left Washington! In fact, he's behind much of the Tea Party resistance to any and all debt ceiling compromises these days.

Senate Rejects 'Cut, Cap and Balance'

Jim Newell · 07/22/11 10:32AM

The Senate has rejected House Republicans' favorite deficit-reduction plan, "Cut, Cap and Balance," on a 51-46 vote. Now, at least, the worst of the many bad pieces of legislation currently under consideration is gone.

Are Obama and Boehner Nearing a Debt Deal?

Jim Newell · 07/21/11 03:22PM

Word has been trickling in from a variety of sources all day about the basic outline of a deficit-reduction deal that President Obama and Speaker John Boehner are nearing. While both sides are denying it in their preferred arenas — the White House through its spokesperson at a press conference, John Boehner with a telephone call to Rush Limbaugh — it still seems like we've got our hands on the latest trial balloon! Summary: It sucks for Democrats.

Senate's 'Gang of Six' Reemerges to Solve All of America's Problems

Jim Newell · 07/19/11 01:39PM

A couple of months ago, the Senate's bipartisan "Gang of Six" that was formed to broker a passable deficit-reduction deal broke apart, after some members realized that six senators cannot simply craft their own deal in private and expect everyone in Congress to pass it. But as of today, the Gang has reformed, with President Obama's blessing! And they have a plan, which still may or may not pass the House of Representatives.

The Anti-Climactic Debt Ceiling Endgame Is Coming Into Focus

Jim Newell · 07/18/11 11:29AM

What will be the final budget-cuttin' number Congress agrees on before raising the debt ceiling, assuming they don't go with "the apocalypse option" instead? Two trillion? Four trillion? Nine trillion bajillion dollars? Let's go with "zero trillion but something that lets Republicans pretend to look tough anyway" as the probable end to this farce of a government negotiating process.