Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly Rumble in an Air-Conditioned Auditorium

Neetzan Zimmerman · 10/08/12 07:57AM

A 90-minute "rumble" between the Daily Show's Jon Stewart and the O'Reilly Factor's Bill O'Reilly inside an air-conditioned auditorium inside George Washington University brought the two disparate pillars of news talk no closer to consensus — but none of the attendees (who paid as much as $1395 to see black debate white) seemed to mind.

Obama's Debate: What the Fuck Did You Expect?

Mobutu Sese Seko · 10/05/12 09:35AM

After spending five years watching a diffident political compromiser campaign for and occupy the White House, Democrats were still shocked that Wednesday's debate didn't reveal Barack Obama: Political Nut-Cutter.

The Top Ten Worst Tweets of the Debate

Max Read · 10/04/12 01:36PM

Twitter is the future: of politics, of media, of elections, of discourse. And of really stupid things. You can go anywhere else for the "funniest" or "best" tweets from last night. Here, we give you the worst:

Romney's Incoherent Tax Plan Is Giving Me a Headache

John Cook · 10/04/12 10:30AM

So amid the barrage of very, very substantive numbers and equations we heard last night was this: Mitt Romney wants to cut marginal tax rates by 20% across the board. Most people agree that this action, taken on its own, would reduce federal receipts by $4.8 trillion over ten years. But! Romney says he will make up for that lost revenue by eliminating loopholes to the tune of $4.8 trillion over the next decade, so there won't really be a tax cut. Which raises the question: Why the fuck are you cutting taxes, then?

Jon Stewart Derides CNN's Tea Party Debate Theatrics

Matt Cherette · 09/13/11 10:52PM

Last night, CNN teamed up with the Tea Party Express for yet another debate between the remaining 2012 Republican presidential candidates. But before the debate audience could get to cheering for the death of uninsured Americans, Wolf Blitzer spent way too much time on introductory pomp and circumstance. So just like he did the last time CNN hosted a debate, Jon Stewart mocked the network's focus on style over substance on tonight's Daily Show.

Michele Bachmann's Curious Tale of Vaccination Gone Wrong

Jim Newell · 09/13/11 11:10AM

Michele Bachmann finally found an attack line to wrest ultraconservative support from Rick Perry last night: That he mandated vaccinations against HPV for "innocent little girls," by executive order, to help his campaign contributors. Good for Michele!...??? But it's the anecdote about the vaccine leaving one girl mentally retarded that really makes this somethin' else.

Tea Party Debate Crowd on Uninsured Sick Americans: Let Them Die!

Matt Cherette · 09/12/11 08:41PM

Wolf Blitzer is "watching very closely" in Tampa, Florida tonight as he moderates a CNN/Tea Party debate between the remaining Republican presidential candidates. On the topic of healthcare, Blitzer asked Congressman Ron Paul what he'd do if an otherwise healthy 30-year-old man without health insurance needed six months of intensive care to survive: "Are you saying that society should just let him die?"

Watch Tonight's GOP Debate in 4 Minutes

Matt Cherette · 08/12/11 12:11AM

If you weren't in front of a TV this evening—or you just couldn't bear to watch Republicans bicker for two hours straight—and you'd like to catch up on what went down during tonight's GOP presidential debate on Fox News, here's a clip that will fill you in on the highlights/lowlights. The 2012 campaign season sure is shaping up to be lots of fun, huh? [TPM]

The Best Parts of Bill O'Reilly and Jon Stewart's Debate

Matt Cherette · 05/17/11 01:17AM

After receiving an invitation from Bill O'Reilly to appear on his show and debate whether or not the rapper Common should have been invited to a poetry reading at the White House, Jon Stewart showed up tonight as promised and attempted to interject some logic into the controversy. And because we would never expect you to suffer through an entire episode of the Factor yourself, here are the best four minutes of O'Reilly and Stewart's debate.