Good News on Cancer for Americans (Not for the Rest of You)

Hamilton Nolan · 12/31/14 01:00PM

Did you get cancer recently? You did? Uh... sorry. I'm very sorry. I thought you were going to say "no." Jesus. Uh... take heart in your many fellow Americans who have not gotten cancer recently—thanks to science, etc!

If You Buy a Motorcycle, You Will Die

Hamilton Nolan · 12/22/14 09:30AM

Some of you who have successfully reached middle age and feel the yearning for a new sense of adventure in life may be considering purchasing a motorcycle. Before you do, consider this FACT: you will die.

Rikers Guard Who Allegedly Allowed Inmate to "Bake to Death" Arrested

Andy Cush · 12/08/14 05:58PM

Carol Lackner, the Rikers Island prison guard who reportedly left her post as James Murdough died of hyperthermia in February, was arrested and charged with lying about the incident today, the New York Daily News reports. Murdough, who was homeless and suffered from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, "basically baked to death" in his 101-degree-cell, officials told the Associated Press at the time.

This Kid Just Died [VIDEO]: Grief Porn Enters the Facebook Era

Kelly Conaboy · 11/21/14 01:05PM

Right now, in a place you've never visited, a person you'll never know is dying. If he's dying in a particularly devastating way—and, more importantly, if he is leaving behind shareable content—it is possible that millions of strangers will mourn his or her death tomorrow. Why?