Italian Spy Company "Joked" About Killing ACLU Employee

Sam Biddle · 07/10/15 11:05AM

Hacking Team, the recently hacked Milan-based outfit that peddled surveillance software to violent, oppressive governments around the world like Bahrain and the United States, naturally has a lot of critics. Their newly exposed emails reveal some very creepy conversations about one critic in particular.

What's the Matter With Arizona?

Pareene · 08/24/09 04:12PM

One guy is really "burning up the blogs" with some "controversial wishes for the President," according to MSNBC. Hey, a great excuse to publicize yet more crazy death threats against Barack Obama!

Secret Service To Arrest Sarah Palin

Pareene · 10/07/08 04:08PM

Ha ha, just kidding. The plucky Alaska Maverick is just inspiring death threats, not inciting them! At a rally held earlier this week in 1938, Palin accused Barack Obama of "palling around with terorrists." At that, a man in the crowd shouted "kill him!" Turns out you are not allowed to shout "kill him" in reference to a nominee for president. So the Secret Service totally promises to investigate! If they can find the guy and verify that he said "kill him" and not "boo-urns." Get your alibi in order, Lieberman! [Radar]

Stephen Dorff's Death Threat An Instant Career Highlight

mark · 11/17/06 11:12AM

If you insist on knowing the complicated interpersonal dynamics that resulted in the answering machine death threat left by amusingly uncensored rageoholic Stephen Dorff, here they are: He is quite cross that Steve-O, a person who obtained his fame through a cable television program, stole his model girlfriend, an utterly unacceptable, caste-defying affront to the manhood of a self-professed movie star. (The offense is surely compounded by the fact that the woman chose a performer from the crude, genital-bludgeoning arts over someone who practices his craft at its most rarefied levels.) It's not hard to imagine that Dorff brings the same kind of passion to his professional endeavors, clogging his agent's voicemail box with nearly identical death threats following disappointing lunch meetings with producers obviously not interested in employing him.