Only White People Support the Death Penalty

Hamilton Nolan · 03/28/14 11:53AM

In a month that has seen the exoneration of both the world's and our nation's longest-serving death row inmates, it is worth asking: where the hell does all the support for the death penalty come from? The answer may not surprise you.

The Brother of Ray Jasper's Victim Shares His Story

Hamilton Nolan · 03/05/14 11:23AM

Yesterday, we shared a letter from Texas death row inmate Ray Jasper, who is scheduled to be executed this month. Jasper was convicted of participating in the 1998 murder of a man named David Alejandro. Today, David Alejandro's brother Steven shares his own perspective on Ray Jasper, the trial, and the death penalty.

Gabrielle Bluestone · 11/16/13 04:30PM

A Texas man who killed his children's 16-year-old babysitter to prevent her from testifying that he had raped her was sentenced to death today. Texas, one of at 32 states facing a shortage of death penalty drugs, was recently sued for its Department of Criminal Justice's drug acquisition tactics.

A Former Death Row Inmate Describes Solitary Confinement

Hamilton Nolan · 08/01/13 11:03AM

In 2008, Montez Spradley was convicted in Alabama of killing a 58-year-old woman during a robbery. He was sentenced to death. In 2011, his conviction was reversed due to serious errors in the case. In this letter, he describes life on death row.

Duane Buck, Death Row, and the 'Dangerousness' of Black People

Hamilton Nolan · 06/10/13 11:16AM

In 1997, Duane Buck was convicted of shooting and killing two people, including his former girlfriend, in Houston, Texas. A jury sentenced him to death. Among the factors that influenced their decision: testimony from a psychologist who said that black people like Buck are more violent and dangerous than other people.

Hamilton Nolan · 02/21/13 12:17PM

A shocking profile of mentally ill Texas death row inmates like Andre Thomas, who gouged his own eyes out.

Letters From Death Row: Britt Ripkowski, Texas Inmate 999325

Hamilton Nolan · 02/20/13 10:10AM

As part of an ongoing project, we've written letters to U.S. death row inmates who are scheduled for execution this year. We asked them about their lives and about their thoughts on various issues. Today, we received a reply from Britt Ripkowski, who is awaiting execution in Texas for multiple murders.

Letters From Death Row: Douglas Feldman, Texas Inmate 999326

Hamilton Nolan · 02/01/13 12:46PM

As part of an ongoing project, we've written letters to American death row prisoners scheduled for execution this year. We asked them about their lives in prison, their daily routines, and their thoughts on the American justice system. Today, a response from Douglas Feldman, a death row prisoner in Texas.