New York Times Bureau Chief Isn't Chief of Her Own Tweets

John Cook · 11/28/12 04:29PM

Jodi Rudoren, the weirdly named Jerusalem bureau chief of the New York Times, likes to keep in touch with friends and readers via the social networking web sites and, as literate human beings in the developed world are often wont to do these days. But she is a Timeswoman! And since someone, somewhere, might object to Rudoren's musings if they are reproduced without the intercession of a bureaucrat tasked with draining them of all immediacy and character, she is now being assigned a Twitter Editor.

The Plight of Print's Lucky Ones

Gabriel Snyder · 08/27/09 01:31PM

Lest they offend their many laid off friends, anyone who's kept their job in print media will tell you they're one of "the lucky ones." But privately, survivors talk of the malaise sweeping medialand. This is one of them.

When We Walked on the Moon, and When Newspapers Mattered

John Cook · 07/20/09 12:36PM

Forty years ago today, some guys landed on the moon and walked around, and there were thousands of money-making newspapers on hand to chronicle it. They used words like "spacemen" and drew nifty mod-looking illustrations. Here's a front-page gallery.

Did David Blum Help Gut a Third New York City Weekly?

John Cook · 06/29/09 05:50PM

Was former Village Voice and New York Press editor David Blum—whose tour through New York's dying weeklies has, fairly or unfairly, been regarded as a kiss of death—behind the bright idea of firing 10 New York Observer staffers?

The Other Memo Was Funnier

Gabriel Snyder · 04/01/09 04:03PM

We heard about a sadly not fake memo Steve Forbes sent out this afternoon to everyone at Forbes who hasn't been laid off announcing unpaid furloughs and pay-cuts. [Updated: More details after the jump.]

Penthouse Magazine Closing? CEO Says No, COO Says Yes

Owen Thomas · 03/02/09 06:52PM

Internet porn has devastated old-fashioned smut rags. We now hear a top executive at FriendFinder Networks, the publisher of Penthouse, wants to close the money-losing magazine down. But his boss denies it.