Watch Out for NASA's Giant Rogue Satellite

Jeff Neumann · 09/09/11 05:26AM

Pieces of NASA's six ton, out of control Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite will soon smash into the earth, according to a somewhat unconcerned NASA. The space agency in statement said that the risk of people being crushed by falling debris is "extremely small," and the Telegraph spoke with a scientist who said there's a 1-in-3,200 chance that someone will be obliterated by a piece of the satellite. But still, they basically have no clue where it will hit. Part of NASA's statement reads:

Number of Amateur Drone Pilots Set To 'Explode'

Jeff Neumann · 09/12/10 11:48AM

The New York Post has two stories today about hobbyists and amateurs building and flying their own drones around New York. Sounds like fun! Relaxed restrictions mean "the number of drones patrolling the nation's skies is expected to 'explode.'"

UPDATE: So What The Hell Just Buzzed The WB Lot?

mark · 06/01/07 05:10PM

Moments ago, walls were rattled, countless takes ruined, and nerves frayed by an unidentified flying something that just buzzed the sky about the Warner Bros. lot. Writes a spooked operative: