A Cattle Dog and a Disabled Kitten Have Become Best Friends

Jay Hathaway · 05/06/14 08:40AM

Ralphee the kitten has a neurological condition called feline cerebellar hypoplasia, which impairs her fine motor skills and ability to walk, making her what's affectionately known as a "wobbly cat." Fortunately, her buddy Max the cattle dog is always there to look out for her.

Adorable Baby Loses His Mind Watching Superman Fly

Taylor Berman · 02/10/14 09:00AM

In January, this 16-month-old tot sat with his dad and watched the first flying scene in Man of Steel. As Superman takes off, the baby becomes unbelievably excited, flailing his arms and shouting. By the end of the clip, the kid has mastered the arms-out Superman pose. As a YouTube commenter put it: "A nerd is born!... What a wonderful moment!"

Little Girl Meets Her Dad's Twin for the First Time, Reacts Pricelessly

Neetzan Zimmerman · 01/13/14 09:04AM

Being introduced to the concept of identical twins for the first time must certainly mess with the minds of little children, so you can just imagine what it would be like for a child if the first identical twin they meet is their father's brother.