Cute 7-Year-Old Kid Secretly Tapes Santa Delivering Presents

Jay Hathaway · 12/26/14 04:50PM

Evan, age 7, didn't think his plan to catch Santa on video would work—the North Pole is quite magically and technologically advanced, after all—but he convinced his big brother to set up a GoPro and went for it anyway.

Black Tiger Cub Is Young, Rare, Super-Cute

Jay Hathaway · 08/28/14 05:35PM

Good news for people who love tiger news: This 25-day-old black tiger exists. The unnamed, cute-as-hell cub resides in Hangzhou, eastern China, where it uses a dog as a wet nurse and "owns the color of black due to pseudo-melanism," according to ChinaFotoPress.

2-Year-Old Amputee Learns to Walk, Refuses to Quit

Jay Hathaway · 07/08/14 11:55AM

2-year-old Kayden Elijah Kinckle was born with an omphalocele, a defect in his intestinal wall that caused his intestines and other organs to stick out through his navel. He also had "a band wrap around his legs and feet when he was in the womb," his mom writes, which led to the amputation of his right foot and left leg.

This Sleepy Great Dane Puppy Is All of Us

Jay Hathaway · 06/03/14 10:50AM

Mornings are the goddamn worst: Hitting snooze 6 to 8 times, trying to make coffee when you haven't had any coffee yet, getting out of bed ever again. Why? Ban mornings.

Asian Small-Clawed Otters Play Keyboard at the National Zoo

Jay Hathaway · 05/27/14 04:35PM

The Smithsonian National Zoo's family of Asian small-clawed otters—the smallest, cutest otter species in the world—spent some time over the weekend with one of their favorite toys: a keyboard to bang on. With their small claws, natch.

Look at This Jenga-Playing Cat

Jay Hathaway · 05/27/14 11:20AM

Moe the cat is pretty good at Jenga, but he doesn't have a lot of patience. Or a lot of respect for the rules. Or opposable thumbs.

Rescued Baby Goat Learns to Walk Using a Wheelcart

Jay Hathaway · 05/21/14 05:20PM

Frostie the Snow Goat was born with a life-threatening infection that makes his back legs unusable, and even after a course of antibiotics, he can't walk on his own. So Frostie's caretakers at Australia's Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary set him up with a wheelcart to help him take his first steps.