Contempt for NYT Public Editor Reaches New Heights

Hamilton Nolan · 08/29/11 03:18PM

In your resplendent Monday media column: an NYT ombud feud, News Corp loses its education contract, NY1 rules, government spending can't save print media, and the world's oldest grudge against Romenesko.

'NYT' Commenters Remind You That Racism Is Over

abalk2 · 09/22/06 09:50AM

Yesterday's DealBook ran a post about Black Enterprise's "75 Most Powerful Blacks on Wall Street" cover story, noting the historical and continuing under-representation of African Americans in the financial services industries. Comments on the article started with "People said the same things about Jews on Wall Street when I was young. Was just a matter of time for my generation to get the education required to enter the system. In the banking and investment game cream rises to the top," and just got better from there. After the jump, a selection of some of our favorites.