Please Enjoy the DEA's Very Good Guide to "Rave Parties"

Hudson Hongo · 06/27/16 12:15AM

While one’s first rave is generally thrilling, it can also be bewildering experience for an unsophisticated Drug Enforcement Agent. When, for instance, do ravers put on their rave clothes? Which sports drinks do they favor? Also what in God’s name is a “PLUR”?

Feds Stole a Woman's Identity and Made a Fake Facebook Page for Her

Andy Cush · 10/07/14 11:30AM

Search "Sondra Price" on Facebook and you'll find a profile for the woman shown above. From the information that's publicly displayed, you'll learn a few things about her: She went to Watertown High School, she drives a BMW, her nickname is "Sosa," and judging by one picture, she might have young children.

John Cook · 12/30/13 01:33PM

DEA agents helped shoot up a boatload of innocent civilians last year along the the Honduran Mosquito Coast, killing three, the New Yorker's Mattathias Schwartz reports. Aside from stonewalling any investigation, the U.S. response was this: "These are not innocent communities."

Feds Seize 468,900 Marijuana Plants, Arrest 100

Max Read · 07/30/11 02:24PM

Jerks in the federal government announced on Friday that they'd uprooted 468,960 pot plants and arrested some 100 people as part of a two-week long operation in the Mendocino National Forest, called "Operation Full Court Press" by authorities and "Operation What a Bunch of Assholes" by everyone else.

Great Blizzard of 2010 Thwarted at JFK Airport

Jeff Neumann · 12/26/10 12:54PM

Agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration yesterday crushed the New Year's Eve plans of many New Yorkers when they busted two men who arrived on a flight from Puerto Rico with 92 pounds of cocaine in their luggage. Bummer. [NYP]

New Coke Deadlier Than Ever

Andrew Belonsky · 08/31/09 11:31PM

Sigh. It used to be that coke dealers would mix their product with normal, safe things, like baking powder. Well, those days are over, because they've found an innovative new ingredient: levamisole. And it will kill you.