New York City's Government Is Falling Apart

Brendan O'Connor · 07/08/16 11:15AM

Over the last six years, according to a new audit from the city comptroller, New York City has missed out on $59.2 million in tax revenue because it forgot to stop giving tax breaks, intended for senior citizen homeowners, to recipients who had died. From the Associated Press:

It Is Frankly Unbelievable That You Ingrates Haven't Thanked the Mayor for Not Being Dead

Brendan O'Connor · 06/06/16 04:15PM

In a meeting last week described by one staffer as “the most depressing pep talk,” Bill de Blasio, New York City’s beleaguered mayor, asked members of his administration to keep the faith amid proliferating controversies. “He told us that no one is going to thank him for ‘not being dead,’” the staffer told Gothamist, “because the homicide rate is down and Vision Zero is working.”

City Freezes Contracts with Volunteer Orthodox Security Force Implicated in NYPD Corruption Probe

Brendan O'Connor · 04/21/16 07:38AM

The ongoing federal investigation into corruption in the NYPD expanded this week, as the chief financial officer of an Orthodox volunteer security force was arrested Sunday. He is accused of bribing officers in the NYPD’s Licensing Division to exchange for handgun permits. The mayor’s office has frozen two City Council grants, totaling $35,000, allocated to the organization.

Mayor de Blasio Is Having a No-Good, Very Bad Day

Helen Holmes · 04/11/16 06:15PM

In the wake of appearing on camera to butcher a stale and distinctly unfunny race joke with an extremely high profile candidate for the most important office in the United States of America, mayor Bill de Blasio has been dealt yet another unlucky card today. And it’s only Monday!

Fancy Mayor De Blasio Thinks the Subway Runs Just For Him

Hamilton Nolan · 05/05/15 09:02AM

New York City’s last mayor was a hawk-faced billionaire. Our current mayor, Bill “de” Blasio, is supposed to be a populist by comparison. Still, the process of riding the sub-way is enough to confound and mystify our city’s leader.

What's Next in De Blasio's New York? Seatbelt Requirements in Taxis

Dayna Evans · 04/21/15 04:55PM

Freewheeling rebels with nothing to lose, de Blasio and his safety cronies are coming for you. If the one thing keeping you in New York is the knowledge that riding shotgun in NYC’s taxis means the cool breeze blowing behind your neck and back, the life-affirming push of your hand against the dashboard during a stop made too short, and best of all, a chance to feel fear again, then you’re not gonna like the mayor’s latest: De Blasio is trying to make it illegal to ride in the front passenger seat of an NYC taxi without a seatbelt.

New York Budget Deal Accommodates, Undercuts De Blasio

Brendan O'Connor · 03/29/14 01:40PM

Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York state legislators have carved out $300 million in next year's budget for New York City's prekindergarten programs. Mayor Bill De Blasio promised an expansion of NYC's pre-k offerings loudly and frequently during campaign season and to pay for it with a tax increase on the city's highest earners; the deal in Albany does not provide for such an increase.