4chan Gets a Taste of Its Own Medicine

Adrian Chen · 11/15/11 06:50PM

4chan, everyone's favorite pile of internet poop, has been mostly unavailable for the past two day due to a massive distributed denial-of-service attack. Hard to shed a tear for the 4channers, whose Anonymous denizens are pioneers of the DDoS.

Gene Simmons Scores One Against Anonymous

Adrian Chen · 05/06/11 04:53PM

The attack against KISS frontman Gene Simmons' website last year was one of the most bizarre campaigns in the history of the online vigilante group Anonymous. But the FBI is on the case and has raided the home of a Washington man thought to be involved in the attack.

FBI Raids Dozens In Pro-Wikileaks Hacktivist Investigation

Adrian Chen · 01/28/11 12:59AM

The FBI executed more than 40 search warrants today in connection with its investigation into Operation Payback, last month's wave of cyber attacks targeting companies that cut off Wikileaks. Things are not looking good for Anonymous.

4chan Attack Brings Down MPAA Website

Adrian Chen · 09/18/10 10:59AM

4chan and movie piracy are closely linked: Many of the anarchic message board's users frequent sites like the Pirate Bay to download movies they can watch alone in their parents' basement. Now, 4chan is attacking the champions of anti-piracy efforts.

'Anonymous' Kid Faces Ten Years for Scientology Hack

ian spiegelman · 10/18/08 12:04PM

Who was the dark mastermind behind last January's Denial of Service attack that shut down Scientology.org for a little while? A teenager, obvs. 18-year-old Dmitriy Guzner, a self-proclaimed member of the 4Chan-related anti-Scientology group Anonymous has been busted by the Feds for his part in the shenanigans. The Verona, NJ, teen has plead guilty and could get slammed with ten years in prison. Ouch. Press release after the jump.