'The Atlantic' Dying Away From Dying Boston, Says Not-Dead-Yet Boston Paper

Choire · 11/01/07 08:50AM

Here is Boston Phoenix media critic Adam Reilly's backpedaling column on The Atlantic: The magazine is being ruined by its relocation from Boston to Washington, D.C.! "The Atlantic seems drier, wonkier, more focused on grabbing readers (and advertisers) by following the stories of the day, and less interested in examining subjects no one else is talking about." No! Grabbing readers? Horror! And now it is filled with graphs and buzzwords!

Why We Avoid D.C. At All Costs

Doree Shafrir · 07/30/07 10:10AM

Yesterday, I was trying to get home from Miami, but the weather had other plans, and the plane I was on got diverted to Washington, D.C. To Dulles Airport, to be exact, which is way farther outside of the city than I thought? But why would I ever go there? Exactly. Anyway! I gave up and got off the plane, and made my way to Union Station, where I sat at a bar and drank red wine and ate some weird fake tandoori chicken salad thing, and next to me was the most ridiculous first date I've ever had the opportunity to overhear.