Go Back to Sleep

Louis Peitzman · 03/11/12 09:25AM

Look, this isn't anything you don't already know: every so often a scientist will pop up to remind us that sleep is very, very important. But today, with our clocks set one hour forward for Daylight Savings Time, it seems especially relevant.

It's Daylight Savings Time

Adrian Chen · 11/07/10 11:28AM

It's the end of Daylight Savings Time. Fall back! Hope you all enjoyed your extra hour of sleep.

Kurt Andersen Sets, Cleans Your Clocks

jliu · 03/10/07 06:30PM

The powers that be are, earlier than usual, taking away an hour from the reality-based community tonight. We don't know why they're doing this, or how, but then again, most of the 'gosphere is still on the Julian calendar. In any case, losing the 2-3 AM hour shouldn't be too traumatic, except that the 47-hour weekend leaves us literary dilettantes who dawdled all week with an awful Sophie's choice: do we go back and read the Times review of Kurt Andersen's historical epic Heyday or the Times Book Review review of Kurt Andersen's historical epic Heyday?