Now Yusaf Mack Says He's Gay

Rich Juzwiak · 11/04/15 11:35PM

In an interview that was apparently filmed Monday with Philadelphia Fox 29’s Quincy Harris, Yusaf Mack announced, “I’m gay!” Monday was also the day that, per an initially dubious, lengthy statement (that crisis manager/hairstylist/singer Anthony Cherry eventually confirmed to me was “true”), the boxer supposedly announced he was bisexual and then he didn’t say a goddamn thing on TMZ Live. Last week, Mack said he was drugged in a porn he did for the company DawgPoundUSA. It’s been quite the two weeks for Mack. In the Fox 29 interview, he called his initial account of the shoot “all a lie.”

Boxer Who Alleged He Was Drugged In Gay Porn Shoot Appears on TMZ Live, Refuses To Say Anything

Rich Juzwiak · 11/02/15 04:04PM

Yusaf Mack’s story just got a little more insane. The professional boxer, who alleged last week that he was drugged during for his performance in a gay porn video for DawgPoundUSA, just appeared on TMZ Live, apparently at the request of his crisis manager Anthony Cherry (who’s also a hairstylist and singer). Beaming in via Skype, Mack refused to answer virtually every question he was asked, claiming that he couldn’t talk about his porn video because it’s a “legal matter.”

Professional Boxer Yusaf Mack Claims He Was Drugged in Gay Porn Video

Rich Juzwiak · 10/28/15 06:52PM

Everything about the recent viral infamy of Yusaf Mack is insane—from the actual gay porn threesome he participated in to his decision to address it, which brought the video far more attention than it would have received if he had just ignored its existence. Perhaps the most insane thing, though, is this quote that Mack, a 35-year-old professional boxer who holds some regional titles, gave to the Philadelphia Daily News’s Jenice Armstrong to exonerate himself: