Jon Stewart: Anthony's Wiener Worse for NY Democrats than Great Depression

Matt Cherette · 09/14/11 10:53PM

In what some called a sort of a Jew d'Etat, Republican Bob Turner defeated Democrat David Weprin yesterday in a special election to fill the empty congressional seat in New York's Anthony Weiner-stained 9th district. Turner's win represented the end of an 88-year hold on the seat by Democrats in a district where they outnumber Republicans three-to-one. And while there are a few theories floating around as to what caused the tidal shift, Jon Stewart had a firm grip on one in particular on tonight's Daily Show.

Why Democrats Are Losing Anthony Weiner’s Seat

Jim Newell · 09/09/11 02:30PM

Things are, by every measure, looking terrible for Democrats in New York's 9th district, where voters will decide on Anthony Weiner's replacement this Tuesday. Despite the seat's 3:1 ratio of Democrats to Republicans, David Weprin trails GOP nominee Bob Turner 50-44 in the latest poll from Siena University. But the reasons why may not be what you think.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 05/01/09 06:38AM

Filmmaker Wes Anderson turns 40 today. Country singer Tim McGraw is turning 42. Jewelry designer Elsa Peretti is 69. Former Random House CEO Peter Olson is 59. Folk signer Judy Collins is 70. Director John Woo is 63. People's Court judge Marilyn Milian is 48. And Kelly Bensimon is 41. Weekend birthdays below.

When Will Mike Make Up His Mind?

cityfile · 09/02/08 07:26AM

Some folks aren't all that happy that Michael Bloomberg has yet to decide whether he's going to try and revise the city's term limit laws and seek a third term as mayor, or find something else to do with his vast wealth and influence when his term runs out next year. So who's unhappy, exactly? All the people who were planning to run themselves, until the mayor mucked up their plans and suggested he might not be opposed to changing the law and serving out another term.