Reporter Claims He Was Fired for Asking Louisiana Senator David Vitter About His History With Prostitutes

Andy Cush · 09/09/15 05:45PM

Derek Myers, a television reporter with NBC affiliate WVLA in Baton Rouge, was fired from the network Tuesday after asking U.S. Senator and Louisiana gubernatorial candidate David Vitter about his admitted history of patronizing prostitutes. Myers believes that he was terminated because Vitter’s campaign threatened to pull $250,000 in advertising from WVLA over the confrontation.

Why Was Philandering Senator David Vitter Tweeting to This Young Lady Last Night?

Cord Jefferson · 08/24/12 05:05PM

Five years ago, Louisiana Senator David Vitter was humiliated when he was outed as a client of the infamous "DC Madam," Deborah Palfrey. Back then, reports said that not only did Vitter see prostitutes on numerous occasions, he was rumored to have a fetish for wearing diapers, like a man-baby. Palfrey ended up committing suicide in 2008, while Vitter, a staunch family values advocate, remains a sitting senator. And now it looks like the GOP hypocrite may be up to some more shady dalliances.

David Vitter Is the Senate's Saddest Little Boy

Jim Newell · 09/08/11 01:41PM

Louisiana Sen. David Vitter is one of the members of Congress who's been bragging in the last few days about not attending President Obama's speech tonight — in his case, to hold a football-watching party at his house. But it probably wasn't a good idea to broadcast his lame flouting of congressional tradition! Because Sen. Harry Reid heard him, and now it appears that little David will have to stay in Washington after all.

What's Your Republican Congressman's Excuse for Skipping Obama's Speech?

Jim Newell · 09/07/11 04:45PM

Last week, Republicans complained about the date of President Obama's jobs speech to Congress and got the White House to move it to the next evening. The resolution of this conflict has allowed Republicans to move on — to making new excuses about why they won't show up anyway. One will be busy tweeting in his office! Another has to host a party. But really they all just hate Obama, which is fine.

Tea Party Senator Ready to Violate Constitution

Max Read · 01/28/11 03:59AM

I don't know if you've noticed, but a lot of people are becoming citizens without "respecting our immigration laws" or "following the rules." These people are called babies. And Sen. Rand Paul (R - Ky.) is doing something about them.

Jon Stewart Spanks Congress for Its Sex Scandal Hypocrisy

Matt Cherette · 03/15/10 11:07PM

Tonight on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart issued an equal opportunity slap on the wrist to members on both sides of the Congressional aisle for their party-driven, hypocritical responses to the sex scandals of colleagues. Inside, video of Stewart's remarks.

Five Politicians Who Get Halliburton Love, Money

Andrew Belonsky · 09/03/09 03:30AM

It's likely been a while since you thought of Halliburton, the oil-loving company once headed by Dick Cheney. Well, Halliburton hasn't stopped thinking of you. Or, at least, the U.S.A. It's PAC continues throwing money at politicians.