How Not To Advocate Responsible Drug Use on FOX

Pareene · 03/25/08 02:50PM

Former Jezebel intern and attempted Paris Hilton free-er David Seaman was on Fox's Morning Show With Mike and Juliet today to talk about Salvia, the hot new (legal!) drug that's taking America's colleges by storm. "They told me I'd be on to talk about why I'm in favor of keeping certain drugs legal," Seaman said in an email to friends and colleagues, "and why many college students agree that some decriminalization for soft drugs makes sense." He had a little argument worked out and everything! But he was on The Morning Show With Mike and Juliet so they actually just sat him next to some mook who posts clips of kids having bad trips on YouTube and interviewed a doctor who says all the drugs will cause deadly car crashes. Then they introduced a girl whose brother killed himself on the Salvia! Seaman's entertaining email describing his ordeal is after the jump. A brief clip is attached.

'How To Be A Publicity Whore' Author Underqualified

Emily Gould · 06/19/07 02:25PM

Remember little David Seaman? He's the helpful kid who wrote to us a while ago defending his pal Ned Vizzini against charges of assistant-hiring sleaziness, and who capped his email by asking us, "So how would we go about working in a subtle plug for me on Gawker?" Then he went and concocted a fake save Paris Hilton protest. Now he's out with a new proposal for a book called How To Be a Publicity Whore, where he'll presumably share some of the hard-won wisdom that got his first book, The Real Meaning of Life (surely you've heard of it? According to Bookscan, it's sold 4,000 copies!) so much attention. He's going to be giving the advice that people most need to hear: About "how you can make cheap talk and scandal-mongering work for you, whether you have a cause to promote or not."

David Seaman To Ned Vizzini: Douch!

Emily Gould · 02/14/07 01:31PM

As we delved into the "Ned Vizzini looks for a female assistant on Craigslist" scandal, one tipster's email stood out from the rest. David Seaman is the "author" (we're thinking "compiler" is probs more accurate, but hey, you be the judge!) of The Real Meaning of Life, an anthology of random messageboard postings on that topic. He just wanted to make sure we had all the info before we judged Ned too harshly.