Did Maria Shriver Leak the News of Arnold's Love Child to the Tabloids?

Maureen O'Connor · 05/24/11 10:12AM

Maria Shriver may have leaked her husband's affair to the media. Two newspapers published photos of Arnold's tween love child—and in one pic he's holding a can of beer. Christina Hendricks describes her "obviously real" breasts. Lindsay Lohan shows off her right breast for the cameras. Tuesday gossip gets sleazy.

David Schwimmer "Twerts" for the First Time on Ellen

Leah Beckmann · 03/24/11 04:40PM

Underwhelmed and slightly spotlight-shy David Schwimmer appeared on Ellen to take that giant leap into the mystifying world of Twitter. David seems genuinely concerned when Ellen mentions that he will certainly gain a slew of followers after she recommends him.

John Mayer's Advice to Women: Talk Dirty in Bed

Maureen O'Connor · 12/23/10 10:43AM

Mayer whispers dirty nothings into a strange female's ear. Jennifer Aniston has a 20-foot no-touch zone. Taylor Momsen is a Parisian style icon. Lindsay Lohan sips Shirley Temples. Thursday gossip is sexual napalm.

Did This Catfighting Lohan Enemy Break Up Courteney Cox's Marriage?

Maureen O'Connor · 10/12/10 09:31AM

David Arquette's rumored mistress is a bar brawling Hollywood mean girl. Courteney Cox ditches her wedding ring. Minka Kelly's mother was a stripper. Al Franken makes an airport security joke. Tuesday gossip sneaks into your bed and steals your husband.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 11/02/09 07:53AM

David Schwimmer turns 43 today. Sculptor Richard Serra is turning 70. Pat Buchanan is 71. Political author (and reformed right-winger) David Brock is 47. Nelly turns 35. Singer/songwriter k.d. lang is turning 48. Chris Walla, the guitarist from Death Cab for Cutie, is 34. Stefanie Powers, best known as Jennifer Hart from Hart to Hart, is 67. And Queen Sofía of Spain turns 71 today.

The CW Sees a Universe Ruled by Hotties

Richard Rushfield · 10/15/09 11:50AM

Everyone's going for a twist today. Friends stars are trying to edgy-it-up; Paramount wants to pull one over on the theater owners and The CW is seeing hotties fighting Bin Laden and going to Mars. It's all in the trades.


cityfile · 05/12/09 09:01AM

Uma Thurman on a school field trip with son Levon and his classmates ... Brooke Shields getting out of a cab with her mom and daughter ... Justin Timberlake going to lunch at Bubby's ... Hugh Jackman jogging to a playground with daughter Ava ... Regis Philbin walking into ABC studios ... Jerry Seinfeld filming a commercial on Long Island ... David Schwimmer and girlfriend Zoe Buckman holding hands in the West Village ... Kelly Bensimon getting in a taxi outside a screening ... Geoffrey Rush walking around in Midtown ... Jennifer Aniston getting out of an SUV ... director Phillip Noyce leaving lunch with his wife and baby ... and Kieifer Sutherland walking in the West Village.

Seth Abramovitch · 07/08/08 05:50PM

And just as we anticipated, Gunther and Naked Guy holding out on the rumored Friends reunion movie has unraveled the project completely, with various cast members now saving face by acting like it was never in the cards to begin with: "'Nothing is happening in this regard,' said Matthew Perry's rep in a statement. 'The rumor is false.' This sentiment was echoed by David Schwimmer's publicist, who said, 'there's been no discussion about it.' And dealing the final blow to the rumor was a rep for Jennifer Aniston, who said that his client was unaware of any such project, and who questioned by she would have any interest in revisiting her sitcom days." [OK]

Josh Hartnett Latest In Long List Of Celebs To Make Ill-Fated Decision To Dabble In Theater

Molly Friedman · 07/01/08 07:25PM

Radar reports that our favorite box office trailblazer, Josh Hartnett, has finally given up hope of nailing zingers on 30 Rock or appearing in a mildly successful movie and moved on to simpler pursuits: the London theater. In a role that will certainly pay homage to Tom Cruise’s former career as an actor, Hartnett will appear as Rain Man’s Charlie Babbit opposite a less-heartthrobby Brit filling Dustin Hoffman’s pigeon-toed shoes. Most interesting of all? Hartnett manages to say, “It has always been my intent to work on the London stage,” without laughing. But the bigger question remains (ahem, Katie Holmes): why do movie stars assume tackling the theater will be a breezy little side-job guaranteed to build acting cred? The track records of Julia Roberts, Denzel Washington, and David Schwimmer beg to differ, after the jump.

It Was Either This Tie Or The One That Looked A Keyboard

Douglas Reinhardt · 04/29/08 11:25AM

While on his way to a London area Obama rally, David Schwimmer explained that his outfit for the evening was picked by his girlfriend, Zoe Buckman. Buckman described Schwimmer's look as being kooky and fun, and casually mentioned how much she loved bands that employed keyboardists. Schwimmer agreed and said that it was always one of his teenage dreams to look like the guy from Spandau Ballet. Buckman said that she had never heard of that band, but thought her boyfriend resembled the guy from The Killers. "But cooler!", she added on.

Please Don't Patronize David, Okay?

Douglas Reinhardt · 04/10/08 12:20PM

Actor/Director David Schwimmer's significant other ran interference as he appeared to be in deep thought about his next career move. Yet she took job a bit too seriously when she snapped at a fan who approached them to talk about how much he had enjoyed Run Fatboy Run, as well as David's turn as Greenzo on 30 Rock. The girlfriend told the guy to back off and spew his negativity elsewhere. Schwimmer smiled to the fan, then quickly pulled his gal pal to the side and explain that people like that guy introduce positive vibes and not everyone is going to spew negative vibes.