Ten People Who Should Quit the Media in 2012

Hamilton Nolan · 12/30/11 10:00AM

This is not just a list of media people we don't like. Nor is it just a list of media people who had a bad year. This is a list of media people who—abundant evidence shows—should not be in the media, any more. Give it up. Try something else. (We'll even make a suggestion.) You've given it a shot. It's not working any more. The media is not for you.

New York Times Columnist Charged in Physical Domestic Dispute

Ryan Tate · 05/19/11 01:25PM

New York Times star tech columnist David Pogue and his wife were charged with disorderly conduct after a domestic dispute turned physical. Shortly after appearing in court, Pogue spoke at a fundraiser for victims of domestic violence. Awkward.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 03/09/09 06:33AM

Kimberly Guilfoyle, the Fox News host and wife of furniture heir Eric Villency, turns 40 today. ABC News anchor Charles Gibson is 66. Former congressman Vito Fossella is turning 44. Actress Brittany Snow is turning 23. Linda Fiorentino is 51. New York Times tech columnist David Pogue is 46. Neal Shapiro, the former president of NBC News and current president of WNET, is turning 51. Former HBO chief Michael J. Fuchs is 63. Artist Eric Fischl is 61. Bow Wow is turning 22. Chingy is 29. And former child actor Emmanuel Lewis turns 38 today.

Twitter's Famous-People Diet

Owen Thomas · 01/16/09 05:30PM

The media's most fervid Twitter users have a style: simultaneously vain and self-deprecating. It's like they don't even realize they're microcelebrities! Witness how unaware they are of their self-awareness:

Timesman David Pogue is a fragile flower

Jackson West · 09/26/08 05:00PM

All those years in the theater on Broadway among catty drama types didn't thicken the skin of New York Times technology writer David Pogue much. Geek Out New York blogger John Teti wrote a clearly satirical piece wondering just how technology-savvy Pogue. His latest column described how you can use Google to search individual websites. Teti didn't even point out the misspelling of Facebook as "Facebok!" (Which I hear is the leading social networking site among South African antelopes.) The pile-on-Pogue post was clearly facetious, but that didn't stop Pogue from emailing Teti to complain. And then emailing again. And again. Pogue's initial, angry missive in full after the jump.

David Pogue blacklists Google, sings uplifting show tune

Jordan Golson · 02/27/08 05:20PM

I tried to send an email to New York Times columnist David Pogue, but I failed. It appears that Google's Gmail has been blacklisted by the Sorbs spam-blocking system. At the moment, Sorbs claims to be in a "maintenance period." Pogue's email provider could be blocking all mail because it can't reach Sorbs — but why would it be down for maintenance in the middle of the day? See the full error message after the jump and tell me if you can figure it out. In the meantime, David, call me? Everybody sing! Let the sound of your voice turn winter to spring.

David Pogue

cityfile · 02/07/08 03:28PM

The Times' personal technology columnist, Pogue is a demigod to gadget geeks everywhere and the closest thing the Gray Lady has to an internet celebrity.