Lacey Donohue · 12/28/13 05:24PM

A comprehensive New York Times investigation into the deadly 2012 attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi found no evidence of involvement by al-Qaeda or other terrorist groups; in fact, according to the report, the attack was largely fueled by anger at the American-made video "The Innocence of Muslims."

Facebook Knows Who You'll Hook Up With

Ryan Tate · 05/20/10 12:17PM

Facebook's CEO came up with a way of predicting who a given user would be dating one week in the future, according to a new book about the social network. And he did it for fun.

Is Philip Rosedale a media vampire?

Mary Jane Irwin · 12/21/07 03:20PM

How else to explain the Linden Lab CEO's waxy complexion? He's the unending leader of an unholy company which laughs at death, and sustains itself through artificial means — PR, that is. To maintain that unhealthy glow, he's preying on unsuspecting technology journalists, sucking out all common sense and journalistic curiosity and turning them into willing propaganda puppets. His silver tongue already scored a succulent piece in the BBC, and now David Kirkpatrick of Fortune has fallen under Rosedale's sway.

Quittner "silenced," says Fortune colleague

Owen Thomas · 12/05/07 08:00PM

An extraordinary public slap, rarely seen in the genteel world of magazine publisher Time Inc.: Fortune appears to have momentarily taken executive editor Josh Quittner's Techland blog away from him and handed it to rival tech writer David Kirkpatrick. Quittner's recent blog rant about Facebook's Beacon was wrongheaded enough, but entirely undeserving of this humiliation — republishing, duplicatively, a Fortune.com column by Kirkpatrick in Quittner's blog. Kirkpatrick, left, declared that Quittner, right, had been "silenced" on the Facebook issue. He went on to tear apart, at length, Quittner's argument. All the more shaming, because Kirkpatrick is — how to put this gently? — a laughingstock among his colleagues.

Megan McCarthy · 07/13/07 06:10PM

Fortune editor David Kirkpatrick catches a clue, says he won't use the silly iMeme name for next year's conference. [The Sam Whitmore Sampler]

Groceries, online

Gawker · 11/27/02 10:58AM

Ah, journalists are so easily bought. David Kirkpatrick of Fortune was pathetically grateful for some fresh-baked peanut-butter cookies, and he's...