Tumblr Is Launching Its Own Journalism Operation

Ryan Tate · 01/05/12 02:43PM

If history is any guide, tech companies should absolutely not try and become media companies. But the 25-year-old CEO of precious New York blog platform Tumblr has the fearlessness of youth. Which is why he's recruiting his own writer and editor types.

Get Your Politics Out of My Face, Tumblr

Ryan Tate · 11/16/11 07:03PM

Ugh, Tumblr. The exasperating microblogging site's execs were content to rent luxury cars, ignore emails, party in the Hamptons and take expensive pictures of their Vespas amid mass unemployment, economic collapse, banker bailouts, epic government privacy violations, fraudulent home foreclosures, and the beating of Occupy protesters across the country. But now that a copyright bill has put the startup's bubble jackpot on the line, it's all up in everyone's "Dashboards" with its political conscientiousness. Shut up, already.

4chan Censors Itself

Adrian Chen · 11/19/10 12:34AM

The notorious message board 4chan's young founder has fashioned himself as a champion of extreme free speech on the Internet. But blatant censorship is occurring on 4chan right now, after its users attacked a target too close to home.

How Tumblr Is Going to Sell Fashion

Ryan Tate · 03/23/10 04:22PM

Tumblr's always been the blogging platform for America's obsessive coastal elites, with its smart-looking templates and its super-easy conversation system. It's appropriate, then, that the precious New York startup plans to make its money selling internet fashion.

South By Southwest Is a Pointless Party

Owen Thomas · 03/16/09 03:45PM

Why does the tech world get a throwdown in Austin when the banks have had to cancel their bashes? The news out of South By Southwest shows that Web hipsters are every bit as bankrupt.

New Tumblr Stumble Renews Censorship Scandal

Owen Thomas · 02/25/09 06:42PM

There's an old saying: Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity. The latest exemplar: Tumblr CEO David Karp, who keeps getting charged with squelching his users' freedom of speech.