Jossip Really, Really Wants To Sell Itself

Ryan Tate · 02/05/09 06:20AM

It's been a long year for David Hauslaib and his Jossip blog empire. Now Hauslaib seems eager to exit his flagship site, running the "for sale" sign above atop Jossip.com.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 09/19/08 06:13AM

It will probably be a fun weekend for Lydia Hearst: the heiress turns 24 today. Others blowing out candles today: Jimmy Fallon is 34. Soledad O'Brien of CNN is 42. Richie Akiva is 32, although the invite to his birthday party said it was his 30th. James Lipton is 82. Former HarperCollins chief Jane Friedman is 63. Defense attorney Barry Scheck is turning 59. And model Victoria Silvstedt is 34. On Saturday: Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein (pictured here with Lydia, a first we imagine) will be 54. Financier Joseph Perella will be 67. Sophia Loren will turn 74. Ad exec Scott Goodson will celebrate his 45th. Interior designer Geoffrey Bradfield will be 62. And Jossip's David Hauslaib will turn 25. On Sunday: Jane Rosenthal will be 52. Stephen King will be 61. Bill Murray will celebrate his 58th. Jerry Bruckheimer will be 63. Book publisher Geoff Kloske will turn 39. Natural History museum president Ellen Futter will be 59. Nicole Richie will be 27. Cheryl Hines will turn 43. Luke Wilson will be 37. And filmmaker Ethan Coen will be celebrating his 51st.

Gossip Industry's 'Gaping Aussie Void'

Nick Denton · 04/28/08 10:23AM

Departing gossip columnist Ben Widdicombe's innuendo-laden items for the Gatecrasher column in the Daily News were always designed for two audiences: the tabloid's middlebrow readers, who weren't intended to get the joke; and the Australian gossip's counterparts, who could be expected to pick up on the camp subtext.

Vlog Hot: Newsboys Heat 1

Chris Mohney · 02/26/07 04:06PM

More boys for you! We're defining "news" very loosely here (not to mention "boy"), but there is at least a pretense towards conveying some kind of informational communication in most of these vlogs, at least sometimes. Some hugging, likely no learning. On tap are Pedro Andrade, Alex Blagg, David Hauslaib, Drew Olanoff, and George Oliphant. Vote, jump, et cetera.

If you can't see the voting mechanism below, we can't help you. We don't know how it works either. You might try turning off firewalls and turning on cookies. Note that you can now vote more than once! And why not? You should be able to vote once per day in any of these polls, showing true devotion to your favorite vlogger by suborning the more casual, ephemeral love showered on her or his opponents. Again, if you have technical problems with that, don't call us. For amusement only, far as you're concerned.

Media Bubble: Why Are These Jews Smiling?

Choire · 02/12/07 09:16AM
  • The New York Post's and NY Observer publisher Jared Kushner's PR man Steven Rubenstein spoonfeeds NYP media columnist Keith Kelly super-fun-happy-times-yay-team item on New York Observer redesign and accompanying editor 'n' publisher lovefest. [NYP]

Team Panel Crash: "Public Figures, Private Lives" at Reuters

Chris Mohney · 10/13/06 03:00PM

Last night, Reuters hosted a panel entitled "Public Figures, Private Lives" to wallow in self-loathing about how much the media invades the personal lives of ostensibly public people. Panelists included First Amendment junkie Floyd Abrams, American Media den mother Bonnie Fuller, CNBC/MSNBC's Hilary Rosen, Splash News head Gary Morgan, and Slate's Jacob Weisberg, all skillfully moderated by Reuters's Paul Holmes. If you've stayed awake through that recitation of names, you might have also made it to the panel. Intern Stephanie and video-op Richard Blakeley went to the reception AND the panel (troopers!), producing the clip above (Bonnie Fuller considers herself a public figure!) and the incident report below.