David French: Donald Trump's Campaign Threatened My Wife

Sam Biddle · 06/07/16 10:05AM

David French, who mounted a third party presidential campaign for several days last week, appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe variety show this morning for some reason, and said the Trump campaign tried to menace his wife and spook him out of running.

Bill Kristol's President Pick Is a Hot-Taking Blogger Who Loves World of Warcraft and Hates SJWs

Andy Cush · 06/01/16 02:25PM

Yesterday, the identity of Bill Kristol’s mythical Trump-beating independent presidential candidate was revealed as the Iraqi Freedom veteran, constitutional lawyer, and National Review writer David A. French. Never heard of him? Neither had I, so I spent the morning going through his byline, and found some other lines he might add to his resume, such as: Gamergate supporter, lover of nukes, hater of feminism, record-holder for most uses of the term “sexual revolution” when describing his fear of gay and trans people, and, by his own accounting, man who has no realistic chance of becoming president.