Now Leonardo DiCaprio Could Be the New Steve Jobs

Jay Hathaway · 04/22/14 08:16AM

Aaron Sorkin's Steve Jobs biopic steered right into the rocks last week when Social Network director David Fincher dropped the project because Sony reportedly wouldn't meet his demands for a $10 million paycheck. Fincher's first (and only) choice to play the Apple founder was Christian Bale—so who's going to fill that Jobs-shaped hole?

David Fincher to India: The Anal Rape Stays in the Picture

Louis Peitzman · 01/28/12 02:51PM

Barring a glossy Bollywood remake — which, honestly, could be kind of fun — India will not be releasing The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. According to The Hollywood Reporter, India's Central Board of Film Certification demanded some pretty big content cuts. To which David Fincher said, "No fucking way." (I doubt he used that language, but when rejecting censorship, it's always fun to throw in an extra swear.)

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo: Stark Swedish Sex

Richard Lawson · 09/22/11 09:49AM

Here's the first full trailer for David Fincher's adaptation of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, the runaway airport-read sensation that, in its original Swedish, was called Men Who Hate Women. This trailer hints at why.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo: Hello Darkness

Richard Lawson · 06/01/11 11:57AM

Here's a trailer for the American (read: real) version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, a movie adaptation of the late Stieg Larsson's hugely popular mystery novel. A redband "bootlegged" trailer popped up over the weekend, but this here is the official one.

The Quest to Ruin The Hunger Games Has Begun

Richard Lawson · 03/03/11 05:21PM

Those Hollywood dream masters are narrowing the field of actresses in contention for the lead in their adaptation of the dystopian teen book series The Hunger Games, and we're not thrilled with their choices. Also today: some bigger name actresses land in TV pilots and Superman gets a mom.

The Oscar Predictions You've Been Waiting For

Richard Lawson · 12/07/10 11:35AM

Well, it's that most wonderful time of the year again. No, not Christmas, the war against which we are fully waging. We mean Oscar season! Some early awards have been given out, so it's time to start the prediction game.

The Social Network Is Getting a Lot of 'Likes'

Richard Lawson · 09/22/10 03:06PM

David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin's Facebook movie opens next week and the reviews are coming in. Surprisingly (?), stuffy old movie critics seem to think it's, well, brilliant. Let's take a look at what some folks had to say.

The Glorious Return of Matthew Lillard

Richard Lawson · 03/15/10 10:50AM

Yes, he's coming back. Also today: news from pilot season, the USA network just keeps getting weirder, and a Showtime series finds its villain.

Death Comes for Shrek: The Musical

Richard Rushfield · 10/22/09 12:27PM

Some goodbyes go on for a very long time. But the day does come when the train pulls out of the station. Live singing Shrek, memory-erased Eliza Dushku and Michael Jackson, it's time to take your seats.

The Times, The Oscars & The Facebook Movie

cityfile · 06/24/09 12:11PM

• New York Times Co. CEO Janet Robinson "isn't happy with the media." She'd also like to make it clear that the company is not currently up for sale, so please put your dollar bills back in your wallet, thank you very much. [MW]
• Ten movies will compete for Best Picture at the Oscars now, not 5. [THR]
• Sad: Dick Cheney landed a $2 million deal to publish his memoir. [NYT]
• Also sad: MSNBC, the illustrious home of blowhard Keith Olbermann, seems to think its tired prison docs are more important than covering Iran. [LAT]
• Director David Fincher is in talks to make a movie about Facebook. [Reuters]
• The always classy In Touch spent $75,000 to purchase photos of Kate Gosselin spanking her kids in public for its cover last week. [WWD, NYP]